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Wolfsbane Con- Tyler’s Panel

Thanks to onehaleofawolf on tumblr for compiling this, and to everyone who tweeted the panel for those of us who couldn’t attend. 

A few spoilerish 3B bits in here! Also: apologies but this #$&§?! post won’t let me put in a READ MORE. 🙁

? Tyler looks like a ray of sunshine, as always
? T – end if s2, had Scott used Derek to actually bite Gerard, problem. But as Scott had a plan, he saw scott as an equal
? T – Derek had more respect for Scott.
? Derek has massive respect for Scott – Tyler
? T – was big brother to posey and dylan when they lived together. Now seeing then as adults.
? Tyler just tried to speak in a british accent. He.. failed.. Lol
? T – Derek and Isaac have interesting relationship. Don’t like each other, but pack. Isaac loyalty shifted to Scott.
? T – Isaac learned to challenge as he gained power, created tension. Right to do so, derek made lots of mistakes.
? T – hopes things can improve now.
? Tyler just learned what a headcanon is
? T – Laura, talked about it before show. Escaped together, left BH, massive respect for Laura. Powerful, alpha.
? Tyler about the hale fire “there were two whole people running out the back that we missed?”
? T – last time derek had family. Very close. Final loss on his life, only thing he had left. Biggest blow of all to lose Laura.
? T – Dennifer. Not physical, love based. Conscious decision. Sensed something in her, missed that the thing was evil.
? T – made a bad judgement call w Jennifer. Anger is how he expresses all emotions.
? “I think, he sensed something in her, which was obviously the wrong thing.” – Tyler on if he was in love with Jennifer
? T – 3b, hope we can reflect on Dennifer at some point.
? Derek is a person who doesn’t really show feelings – Tyler (oh really??)
? T – Derek has not had fun in a very long time. Basketball in past, normal kid. Enjoyed high school, popular.
? T – Derek sees the benefits of being ww, didn’t take advantage but enjoyed it.
? If Derek was raised human and turned later; he’d be like Isaac. He sees a lot of him in Isaac.
? T – if derek had been bitten as a teen, he’d be more like Isaac. Derek sees himself in Isaac (steady on ladies).
? T – false confidence, the same as going beta to alpha.
? T – Scott and Derek, he knows but can’t say. They’ll be v different now. More like s1, but less mean to Scott
? Tyler didn’t know it wasn’t Derek that bit Scott when they were doing the pilot
? T. – d will recognise s is natural alpha, and derek is better on his own. He’s ok w that. Like batman (has discussed w Jeff)
? Scott and Derek’s relationship is gonna be a lot more different than it ever been, now that Scott is an Alpha and Derek isn’t.
? The relationship between Derek and Scott is probably going to be similar to S1. Derek can take being the lone wolf.
? T- will try to help scott where he can, let scott run the show
? Tyler says Derek has a lot of relationships to repair even though most of them are dead. Everyone was like “ohhhhh”
? T – Derek as a dad? He’s like the old guy in the western who just wants to be out on his ranch w family doing his own thing
? Q: How would you imagine Derek as a dad? – I think he would be a very, very good dad!!
? T -didn’t want power for malicious reasons, missed having family around. Would be strict, protective, but good dad.
? T – like the dad in American Dreams (?)
? Derek was tired of being in the run and alone. Tyler thinks Derek would be a really good dad, very stern, but loving when needed
? Hoechlin imagines Derek being a very good dad. He didn’t want power to control people but to stop running away and have a family again.
? Someone asked what Derek would be like as a father and this stage talk just suddenly got frickin adorable
? T – would talk to derek about apartment. Need light, fridge. Would have a lot of questions about his motivations
? “Derek, we need 2 talk about your apartment. You need light!” – Tyler on what he’d say 2 Derek if he’d meet him someday
? “Derek, let’s talk about your apartment. You need a light. You need a refrigerator.” – Tyler on a chat with Derek
? Hoechlin would take Derek out for a couple beers. Room cheers. “Maybe that’s what he needs.”
? T – take him out for couple of beers, see what happens.. Maybe wine at home. No fire! Fire extinguishers all around.
? “Derek hanging round his nonworking fireplace… no no not a fireplace that’s bad”
? “Derek and me would also have a couple of beers. I’d tell him to be more patient..”
? “Stay home with a bottle of wine and candles. Room full of fire extinguishers just in case.” Hoechlin enjoys Derek’s pain a bit too much. xD
? T – the after hours video. Never watched TB, hasn’t had time. It was 2yrs ago. Has shaved since then.
? “I’ve shaved. 3 years ago. Not since then.” Hoechlin
? “I don’t like shaving. The last time, I shaved was 2 years ago” – On if he ever shaved his beard after season 1.
? T – anchor changed? Don’t know, but spending more time w Scott might change his views.
? Scott’s anchor is not allison any more
? T – will learn he doesn’t have to do everything alone any more, that might change his anchor.
? Tyler thinks Derek may change his anchor but slowly and with a lot of struggle
? T – Cora? Doesn’t know anything. Plan was to do it in 3b, but can’t because AK left. Cora stuff in first 3 of 3b but no Cora
? On 3×09 when Derek finds out what Jennifer his, it’s like finding his anchor again
? T – must’ve been a convo between Derek and Cora, but he doesn’t know. Cora was to Derek as Derek was to Laura. Mentor.
? “We probably won’t be able to get @AdelaideKane back in the next 12 episodes, cause she’s busy w/her own show” – Tyler on Cora
? T – Cora disappointed in Derek. Sees passion and fire has diminished in the brother she knew.
? T – they understand each other because they’ve been through same experience, but don’t want to talk about it
? T – doesn’t see derek being happy ever. Would be happy isolated, small pack/family. Simple life. Not being involved in BH crazy.
? T – hardest scene? Boyd’s death. Showing emotion was a change for him.
? Hardest scene for Tyler: When Boyd died.’Cause he knew, it was Derek’s fault and having those feelings were new to the character.
? T – didn’t see Erica’s death, could pretend, but Boyd dying in his arms, huge moment.
? “I’m looking at a room full of beautiful people.” Hoechlin.
? T – “I’m looking at a room full of beautiful people.” Loves Hyde Park. Was in Paris, loves it there too, walking around randomly.
? “I’m looking at a room of beautiful” – the whole crowd was literally like “are you kidding me?!”
? T – shooting a film soon, can’t announce it yet, but soon. Official tomorrow. Independent film. Cool excited.
? Tyler will be shooting an independent movie soon. “Stay tuned”
? T – theme song for Derek, howling for you, black keys
? T – comparison between Derek and batman. Talked about it w Jeff this season. V similar.
? “Howling for you” by The Black Keys would be Derek’s theme song. Though someone in the crowd suggested “All by myself,” he laughed a lot
? T – Derek has realised he can contribute, not for power but as responsibility. Theme for 3b.
? Derek has been hiding what he’s been feeling on the inside by being cocky and cool. We’ll see him go through a turning point on s3b
? T – how did stiles know about Kate? Don’t know but assume Allison told Scott and Scott told Stiles?
? Hoechlin assumes that Stiles found out about Kate via the Argents/Scott.
? T – if Stiles had said that in s1 or 2, Derek would have hit him
? Tyler clearly doesn’t seem to know why Stiles would know about Kate. He said that Derek would have hit Stiles on s1 for sure, slow build!!
? Hoechlin and Dylan came up with a really great scene that’ll be very touching and funny. Room went insane.
? T – hospital yelling scene was a cut down version of a scene T and Dylan pitched to Jeff, which T hopes will be used later
? Hoechlin started to laugh. “There’ll be some touching.” Lol
? T – Derek didnt hit Stiles bc he knew what Stiles was going through w his dad in danger
? The crowd just exploded when Tyler said he and Dylan talked with Jeff about a touching scene. “Not touching, as touching!!!”
? T – there would be touching but not like that, but t things we’d like their scene.
? T – would come back to town to help Scott if needed.
? According to Tyler, if the hospital scene when Stiles yelled at Derek happened in season 1 or 2, he would have hit him
? T – Derek would rather die than Scott because he can take the hit, Scott is more needed has people who need him
? Derek understood what Stiles was feeling when his father was kidnapped, that’s why he let him be that way with him
? Derek would sacrifice himself for Scott, to help him be the person he’s supposed to be. Gosh, I’m dying. Hearts in my eyes.
? Favorite episode s1: 1×04 with Stiles. He loves that ep. Also ep 1×09. They were his favs
? Tyler’s fave episode to shoot – Season 1: episode 4, with Stiles and episode 9 in the hospital. 1/2
? Fave episodes in season 2: probably episode 2 and 3. where he drives away w/ Erica and his douchy smile.. 2/2
? Favorite ep s2: 2×02 or 2×03 with Erica, because he loved playing cocky Derek. It was really fun!
? Derek would have punched Stiles in that hospital scene a season ago. ~Sweet Development~
? Favorite ep s3: 3×05. He loved shooting because it was the biggest werewolf fight. The mall really exists!
? T – was a real abandoned mall. Really fun.
? T – “this has been the most fun con we’ve done by far”
? This has been the most funny convention, we’ve ever done!! They have sooo much fun!! – Tyler on if he likes being here.
? T – loves doing Q&A. Being able to get personal answers to fans’ questions.
? “This is the last stressful event. We’re having a lot of fun.”
? T – would Derek bite Stiles? “What kind of bite are you talking about here?”
? T – no. Likes knowing if he ever gets that upset w Stiles, he can kill him. Would give Stiles too much power!
? Derek knows that if he gave Stiles the bite it’d be harder to kill him. Stiles has enough power. Lol
? T – Dylan keeps the show grounded, connects the audience to the supernatural. Human element. Brilliant job at it.
? “Dylan is to me what keeps the show so grounded. Because he’s such a human aspect of the show”
? T – don’t ever want to see Stiles turned.
? Crowd clapping every time there’s a Sterek question, oh god lol
? Tyler thinks that Dylan is the one that keeps the show on the ground, because everyone can identify themselves with him.
? Tyler thinks Stiles would be a good werewolf, but the bite would give Stiles too much power. That would make his life a living hell lol
? T – audition scene, interrogation of d by sheriff. Scott was outside the room behind 2way mirror, d knows and is talking to Scott
? T – fav stunts. Love stunts. Only lets stunt guy do boring stuff. Did the whole scene at end s2 in warehouse.
? Deleted scene S1: Sheriff interrogated Derek for Laura’s murder and Scott is outside listening. Derek knows and directs his As to him. *___*
? Tyler did all the stunts at the final fight. He also did the fight scene with Kali at the loft
? T – water fight w Kali, in a harness, cool. Would love to be James Bond. That type series w action stuff.
? “I know I can’t be James Bond. I’m not British, I hate my parents for it. But it’d be my dream role.” Hoechlin.
? Tyler’s dream job would be James Bond, but he’s sad because he’s not british. “I really hate my parents for that”
? T – food. Eating everything right now! Derek’s not an alpha, so t can be in good shape, not alpha shape! Eating pizza, ice cream etc again
? “Something amazing happened to me this year. Derek is no longer an Alpha. So I have to be in a good shape but not in an alpha shape.” Lol
? T – loves macaroons.
? T – Cora and Derek didn’t invite peter on their quest because they don’t like him. They’re together at the beginning of 3b.
? “Peter is a terrible road trip partner.”
? “Peter is a terrible road trip partner” that’s why Cora and Derek didn’t bring him with him. Also, terrible taste in music
? End of panel.

Thanks again to everyone who tweeted live from the panel! ?

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Coffee Lounge at Wolfsbane with Tyler and Sinqua

Thanks for onehaleofawolf on tumblr for compiling this, and thanks to @emony on twitter for sharing.

*BLINK* and you’ll miss slight 3B spoilers

? Coffee lounge, let me see what I can remember. First we talked about good places to get burgers.Sinqua recommended Austin TX.
? They ate crocodile and kangaroo burgers in Australia w Colton last year.
? yler showed us the video on his phone of them pranking Dylan. We talked about GoT cast Vine-ing things.
? Sinqua wasn’t planked, everyone was lovely to him. They stayed up late on set working out because they couldn’t sleep
? Sinqua was flying back and forth from Atlanta to LA while shooting s2.
? We talked about getting Boyd backstory and then he died, and how sad we were. Freezer girl was def his sister.
? Tyler talked about Derek and Peter having lots of scenes in 3b. They have a tense but comedic dynamic
? The summer affair theory is blown. He doesn’t think they saw each other at all, just came to appreciate each others contribution
? Tyler compared Derek and Peter to Derek and Stiles, derek getting annoyed by them having fun w everything
? Sees Derek and Chris as parallels in hunters v werewolves. Respects Chris who follows the code.
? Would accept Chris hunting him if he did something breaking the code.
? Derek sees his role as contributing, and if that means death, so be it. Likened Derek to soldier or firefighter. His purpose.
? They talked about having parallels between Boyd and Scott. And maybe would’ve had Boyd/Scott friendship if he’d lived
? Tyler told us again about the cut scene w Stiles.
? Colton has a video of Holland falling off a climbing wall in Atlanta. She had whiplash for a week.
? Cora storyline would’ve been 3b, but Adelaide got Reign so.
? Mentioned the Sterek Ice Age gif, Diago and Sid, thinks that’s perfect. They start off hating e other but come to value contribution.
? Sterek start hating each other, but now mostly it’s for fun because it reminds them where they came from, and Derek enjoys it
? Holland sometimes remembers things differently to everyone else, or things that didn’t happen.
? Too young to be intimidated by cast on Road to Perdition. Walked right up to Paul Newman, mother couldn’t believe it
? If he did it again, he’d be on set every day to learn from Hanks etc.
? I think that’s it 🙂
? Oh, they love the con and want to come back.
? Tyler thinks Derek isn’t (consciously) suicidal, but would like to discuss w Jeff as a possible future character theme
? Tyler mentioned the petition for Derek to have a nice day. Will give it to Jeff. Thinks its just be a dream though!
? Derek dreaming of a nice basketball game w Boyd, while irl he’s being tortured again etc

Many thanks to the ever so awesome @Enomy for sharing this via Twitter!

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Pivot Questionnaire with Wolfsbane Guests

Thanks to onehaleofawolf on tumblr for compiling all of this, and thanks to everyone who live-tweeted for those of us who couldn’t be there.

Pivot Questionnaire – same Qs for all guests at panel [x]
1 What is your favorite word?
2 What is your least favorite word?
3 What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
4 What turns you off?
5 What is your favorite curse word?
6 What sound or noise do you love?
7 What sound or noise do you hate?
8 What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
9 What professtion would you not like to do?
10 If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

? Panel time. Pivot questionnaire, whatever that is.
? It’s rapid fire, so I’ll try to keep up
? Q1 is favourite word.
? L – serendipity. M – yay! T – savvy. Jr – shipping. K – more Danny. S – flirtatious. Linden – yes. Tyler – bonsoir. [fav word]
? JR’s fav word is shipping.
? L – moist. M – you’re wrong. T – can’t. Jr – no. K – nein. S – babe. Linden – license and registration please [turn ons]
? Melissa’s least favorite word is “you’re wrong”. Tyler’s “can’t”. Sinqua’s “babe”. Linden’s “your license and registration. [least fav word]
? Not even 5mins and JR is already being dirty. Bless him
? JR: Who’s moist?
? L – strong willed women. M – being in a happy moment. T – inspiring good things and positivity. Jr – conversations unplanned [turn ons]
? K – timeless moments. Feel energy. S – intellect, passion, drive. Linden – talent. [turn ons]
? “Talent is the sexiest thing in the world” – Linden
? Tyler – talent is amazing, be proud of what you can do
? L – moist. Fakeness. M – mean to someone I love. T – closemindedness and intolerance. Not cool. Jr – bullying. [turn offs]
? Close mindless and intolerance turn Hoechlin off. Bless.
? K – prejudice. Inequality. S – dishonesty. Linden – stupidity. [turn offs]
? Keahu’s turn off is intolerance, that’s why he loves playing Danny.
? L – fuck. Shit. M – hell fucking you. Her brother said it. T – fuck. Jr – cuntybollocks. Tyler is in bits. [fav curse word]
? Favorite curse word. There’s a kid in the room and Linden is so distressed haha
? Tyler just hit Keahu with the mic
? K – fuckoff. S – doesn’t swear. Says damn a lot. Tyler – sinqua’s curse word is “… Ok”
? “I said cunty bollocks!” – JR Bourne :’)))))
? Linden likes all curse words. When kids around, says a made up word. So cute.
? Tyler just imitated Sinqua and accidentally hit Keahu. Omg
? Q6. (Not sex…) Fav sound or noise.
? L – cheering fans. M – ice cream truck. T – rushing water. Jr – the word yes. Ocean waves. K – dog snuffling noise
? Melissa’s fav sound is an ice cream truck. Tyler’s water running, ocean. Keahu just did the sound of his dog omggg
? JR’s fav sound is “yes” and the ocean. Sinqua’s people laughing!
? S – people laughing. Linden – good waves
? L – Miley Cyrus. M – sirens. T – nails on chalkboard. JR – accident, crash [least fav noise]
? K – wind chimes. Linden made the sound of moist. M – drop the mike! [least fav noise]
? Melissa hates the sound of sirens because she knows someone got hurt. :’)
? Linden just made a “moist” sound because JR gave him 20 bucks for it omg
? S – phone ringing in the morning. Linden – cats fucking in the middle of the night. [least fav noise]
? Tyler is making the cat noise
? Linden’s least fav sound is cats fucking, Tyler just tried to make the sound and JR gave him 20$ #dies
? Q8. Other profession? L – porn star. Jr – have you ever watched porn? That word you hate….
? If stephen wasn’t an “actor” he’d be a pornstar, JR – “have you ever seen porn?”
? “We can build a house together.” “Together?..” JR to Tyler. Melissa draw a little heart
? K – astronaut. S – paeds doctor. Linden – bird.
? If Linden wasn’t an actor, he’d be a bird. The best bird. Championship bird.
? Tyler and JR are going into business together. Building a house. Or a ship 😉
? JR and Tyler can’t stop talking about their plans to build a house together while Sinqua talks.
? Q9. Profession not want. L – henchman in bond movie. M – having to fire anyone. T – desk job. Or jr’s speech therapist.
? Jr – accountant. K – an Argent. Sewage worker. S – portaloo cleaner. Linden – kids oncologist.
? Linden would hate to be a children’s oncologist #feels
? Q10. God say when you die? L – sorry you died in tw. M – you made mom v proud. T – it was close but you can come in.
? Jr – we’re all here. K – red pill or blue pill. S – let me check again… Linden – dude!
? They keep daring each other do things and passing along a 20£ bill.
? Keahu just won 40£! Lol
? Omg JR keeps giving 20$ to the best answer. I’m dying
? “The blue or the red one?” What Keahu would like to hear when he goes to heaven
? Sinqua – dude! Lunsford’s here too!
? It’s official, going out for a couple of beers is like the in joke of the Con.
? Closing ceremony. They’re coming on stage one by one. Don’t want it to be over. ? Keahu: “don’t hide your talent. You’re all amazing. Thank you!”
? Linden didn’t know what to expect before coming but he’s been truly touched by this experience. :’)
? “Thank you for the bottom of my heart for teaching me about shipping!” – JR Bourne
? “Be proud of who you are and what you do.” Hoechlin.
? Oh god Melissa was crying when we all stood up from our seats to clap #tooemotional
? Aww my god, that closing ceremony was so touching, there were so many people crying in the audience!
? I did a dragon heart when Tyler was leaving & he pointed at me and smiled. I can’t even.

Bless all the lovely people who tweeted live! ?