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Tyler on Wolf Watch Tonight

At Days of the Wolf, Tyler told us that his favorite scene for Season 3b is with JR Bourne in tonight’s episode, De-Void. Be sure to watch, and also stay tuned after the episode to see Tyler and Ian Bohen as guests on Wolf Watch. Earlier this month, Ian shared this fun photo of himself and Tyler with host, Jill Wagner from the set of Wolf Watch.

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Hoechlin/Haynes Photo War: Part Two

It appears as if Colton Haynes has thrown the gauntlet again! You’ll recall that poking fun at Tyler is one of Colton’s favorite pasttimes, and in October, Tyler struck back at his friend with a jab of his own. 

Today, Colton posted this (admittedly adorable) pic of young Tyler.

Ian Bohen commented, and now we’re waiting anxiously to see if Tyler will retaliate. 

Ian tweet

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely #TEAMHOECHLIN 



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Ian Bohen Shares Thoughts About Tyler

Nicole from myFanbase got an exclusive interview with Ian Bohen (Peter Hale) which was posted this weekend. He answered some questions about Peter which referenced his relationship to Derek, but he had this fun answer about Tyler. 

Your TV nephew Tyler Hoechlin seems to be a person who’s really down-to-earth, he seems genuinely happy, humble and approachable, so on first look it seems he and Derek don’t have much in common. What would you say, are there any qualities that Tyler and Derek share? 

They’re both very passionate about what they’re doing. To the point of competitive, and a need to succeed. Losing / failure doesn’t sit well with either. Also, I’m nearly certain each of them spends the same amount of time getting ready to go out. About an hour and 10 minutes.

You can read the rest of the interview here