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THO Tyler Birthday Week Giveaway

Tyler’s birthday is September 11th, and we’re ready to kick off the birthday week festivities with a little giveaway! We have two prizes and anyone can enter.

First-prize: 1 autographed Tyler Hoechlin 8×10 photo and 1 Derek-themed charm bracelet

Second-prize: 1 autographed Tyler Hoechlin 8×10 photo and 1 Love-themed charm bracelet

Click on Tyler’s photo below to see the rules and to enter.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER! @tylerl_hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin Online wishes a very happy 27th birthday to Tyler Hoechlin!

We hope your day is filled with all of the people and things that bring you love and happiness. It’s a pleasure supporting such a kind, considerate, talented man, and we look forward to seeing what the next year brings you. Thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Hoechlin for raising such an amazing guy! We look forward to seeing you again at Howler Con!

Click the photo below to find loads of happy posts in our Birthday Wishbook.


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Add Your Wishes to Tyler’s Birthday Wishbook

It’s getting to be that time again!

Tyler will be turning 27 on September 11, 2014! As we stated previously, this year we decided to encourage charity donations, and donate ourselves, to the Tyler Hoechlin Birthday Project instead of running a project from the site. We hear it’s been a huge success, and we thank everyone involved. You can still donate through Saturday, August 30th. 

We are still having the Tyler Hoechlin Birthday Wishbook like we did last year though! It was such a huge success, and we know that Tyler and his family enjoyed reading all of your sweet messages to him. 

Click the photo below to be taken to the wishbook, where you can submit your wishes for Tyler until September 10th at 11:59pm (est). Be sure to read the submission rules, and then wish away!





Thanks to Amy for our fabulous header! 


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Updated: Tyler Hoechlin Birthday Project

We had intended to have a charity project for Tyler’s birthday this year, but because Tyler has so many kind and thoughtful fans, a few of our friends have started a charity project of their own for Tyler’s birthday! Instead of running another project simultaneously, we are going to donate to their project, and we encourage all of you to donate to their project also. 

You can read all about the Tyler Hoechlin Birthday Project by clicking on the photo. The project and donation will be presented to him at Wolf Moon Con in Madrid, Spain in September, just a few days after his birthday.

WMC Birthday Project



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Join the Tyler Hoechlin Online Birthday Project for Tyler

Tyler’s birthday is September 11th, and this year Tyler Hoechlin Online has a two-part project to celebrate the occasion.  There are different rules and deadlines for each part, so be sure to read carefully!

Part One: Put your face/icon on Tyler’s wall!  CLOSED

  • We will post the finished product on our site on Tyler’s birthday.


Part Two: Leave your birthday wishes on our Birthday Project page!

We will make sure that Tyler gets to see all of the messages that are left for him on our birthday project page as long as the rules are followed.


  • The deadline for leaving messages is Tuesday, September 10th at 11:59pm (EST)
  • No cursing, profanity, or vulgarity
  • No nudity, pornography, or anything casting Tyler in a bad light
  • No hate speak or rude messages towards Tyler, his family, his girlfriend or his friends
  • All messages must be under 100 words.
  • Don’t post your last name. First names, twitter names, tumblr names, state, city and country are all acceptable as long as they follow the first two rules.
  • To leave your message, click here


Have fun and thank you for helping us celebrate Tyler’s 26th year!