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“Undrafted” Deleted Scene

Joe Mazzello shared this deleted scene last night on Instagram:

“In honor of @chacecrawford ‘s birthday, @tylerhoechlin ‘s general awesomeness and the passing of Undrafted Day on the 15th, here is my favorite deleted scene from #Undrafted I was forced to artificially cut the movie down to a certain running time in order to get it sold and this is the last scene that was cut. It happens just before Maz’s final at bat. I still regret cutting it along with many other scenes and as far as I’m concerned this scene is still a part of the official cut (assuming I trimmed the beginning slightly). So proud of my amazing actors. Also, this is the very first scene I wrote in the script! Enjoy! Happy Birthday Chace! Link to the film in my bio!!!”

Source: Joe Mazzello’s Instagram


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