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We picked out some of the key changes:

“While the Warner Bros. presidents were mostly speaking hypothetically, the call shed light on some unexpected ways in which the coronavirus might change television, down to its plots. One such example: There was a suggestion that love scenes might need to be eliminated, because actors won’t want to be in close contact. The same was said of fight scenes that would require stunt doubles to violate the rules of social distancing.”

“Series regulars should “limit flying back and forth during their days off,” and should try to stay local to the production.”

“There will also be “reduced shooting time” because of “anticipated new COVID protocols and practices, which could include testing and temperature taking,” he said.”

“Everyone on set — except for the actors when they’re shooting a scene — will be wearing face coverings, gloves and possibly even gowns. The sets will be closed to visitors. And craft services will be different, with meals possibly being staggered to accommodate social distancing requirements.”

Read the full article here: Variety


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