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On Saturday, Tyler Hoechlin Online attended the ‘Teen Wolf’ panel at NYCC. Even though Tyler was unable to attend, we did get to meet Dylan O’Brien, Linden Ashby and Jeff Davis, plus loads of other Teen Wolf fans. We have added 198 photos from the event to our gallery.

The biggest things that we learned during the panel is that ‘Teen Wolf’ will return for Season 4, and there will be an after-episode talk show called “Wolf Watch” that will be hosted by Jill Wagner! It will be 12 episodes instead of 24 in order to give Jeff Davis a bit of a break.

Jeff did answer a question about Derek losing his Alpha status and how they are setting his character up to become a hero in 3b. He did confirm that we will be seeing Derek in the first episode on January 6, 2014.

Karen from has posted a great recap of the panel Here. You can also read about her roundtable interviews with Jeff, Dylan and Linden.

You can watch the majority of the panel here 



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