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Jeff Davis Answers More Questions About Season 3

Jeff Davis again used the Official MTV Teen Wolf tumblr account to answer fan questions. Here are the questions and answers about Derek/Tyler.

goodismandatory: did anyone ever point out that on the dvd cover of season 1, derek has yellow eyes?

 we saw that. mistake on the dvd packagers part.


skitter-bait: okay seriously how old was derek when his house burned down does anyone know?? do you know?? does jeff know?? will we ever know??

 you guys are obsessed with the ages. is there a reason?


raphaelle-s: please, tell me that we will see more derek when he was young

 i would love that. ian nelson and i were just texting and i was telling him how amazing he was again.

miket800: since derek went through horrible things in his life, it would be cool to see him go berserk like wolverine! in fact, you need to hire hugh jackman as the hale father, now! haha

 you might say he’s done some horrible things as well.


hello2renzo: is derek ever going to rip someone’s throat out (with his teeth)?

 he probably should. all of these empty threats. hhmm.


coryyellow: can you please stop torturing derek hale?

 eventually, yes.


nummie06: hi jef! i love the brolationship between derek and isaac. will we see more of that this season?

 yes. but it may not be all good.


cookingupwerewolves: will derek continue to have the worst life ever in season 3 part b?

 derek has a very different arc for 3b. i was just telling tyler hoechlin about it. we’re very excited about it. you’ll have to wait and see.


vampyreunnie: there are a lot of theories floating around about last week’s episode so i’m just going to come right out and ask: was baby derek’s story really derek’s or was peter recounting his own tale of woe and lost love?

 interesting theory.


yuuko-uchiha: hello jeff! i felt like i watched a different show last week, did derek really ask ennis to bite paige? or was is peter? and if so, can i ask why he would do that (or is it part of the plot)? here! grab a cookie!

 that is a question we wanted you to ask. and we don’t actually want to answer. sorrrrry.


luckygirl85: i really like jennifer, so is she going to be around the entire season and where will her relationship with derek go?

 i love her too. she has great scenes in tomorrow night’s episode.


awholepack: this probably won’t even be seen with all the incoming questions. but i just really had to know if we will be getting more scene between allison and derek (either now or in 3b). because the scenes between them in chaos rising were some of my favourite this season! crystal and hoechlin were absolutely amazing!

 yes. more in 3b.


 elegantlydisastrous: i just wanted to let you know that despite some of the negativity that you’ve gotten, for every bad thing that you’ve heard, there are people spreading that much more positive. you’ve always been a gift to us and you are the alpha of this fandom. now my questions is, was it your intention for stiles and derek to have almost exactly the same interactions as derek and jennifer? there have been so many parallels with the car, the ‘i’m not afraid of you’. is there a reason behind the similarities?

 thanks for saying that! and the derek jennifer scenes all have a certain significance that i can’t let you in on yet.


fearthehugwolf: so, how many more characters are going to die in order to further derek’s crippling guilt issues?

 there can only be so much man-pain.


respiratorygirl: hi jeff! love the show! so my question is that recently, we saw kali and the twins continue to say that derek killed ennis; which we know as false. so do they still suspect that he killed them or do they now know that deucalion killed him?

 you will find out in 311.


historicalcliches: was paige aware of derek’s intentions towards her when he asked her to the school after hours- did derek speak to her at all about what he wanted for her, or did he set up the meeting/plan with ennis without her consent?

 she was not aware. but part of the mystery to be resolved is this… did derek arrange for her to be bitten? or did peter do it all on his own?


thekingandthelionheart: jeff: all of the terrible, no good, very bad things that happen to derek used to be kind of funny in a laughing-while-crying way, but now it seems like it’s almost too much. i mean, at what point does someone not just have a complete mental breakdown after all the horrible things they’ve gone through? you said he still has to sacrifice more but we’ll be seeing a “more triumphant derek” soon. is there a light at the end of the tunnel for him, or will he always kind of be show’s the whipping boy?

 light. yes.


weresterlies: who on cast has the hairiest knuckles

 hoechlin is referred to as robin williams on set.


theladyandthewolves: dear jeff davis, we’d like to know the ages thing because we need to believe that you know your own charaters well enough, and age is like a basic thing about a character, because we need to trust you about knowing what you’re doing with them, it’s that simple 🙂

 ahh, well i will tell you this. i do know derek’s age and have from the beginning. i know his wolf age. but i’m not going to tell just yet.


weresterlies: is derek ever gonna learn from his mistakes or just continue the derek hale adult wolf comedy of errors?

 haha, he will definitely learn from his mistakes. that’s been his trajectory since the first season.

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