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Jeff Gets Chatty on Tumblr Again

Tonight creator Jeff Davis took to the Official Teen Wolf Tumblr to answer another round of fan questions. Lots of  Tyler/Derek-related questions this time. 

teen-woofs: how long until hoechlin takes his shirt off?

much of it is torn to shreds in tomorrow night’s episode.

 scribeofstories: will any of the werewolves turn into actual wolves or was that a laura thing? do we get to find out?

 you will find out.


peetamalarky:  there’s a rumor that wolves with blue eyes were ones that were resurrected, which means that derek has died before. thoughts?

 not true.


 evanevanstwin: i’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars for a scene of derek in nothing but a white boxer.

 that can be arranged.


aqsanaveed: jeff, is tomorrow going to hurt?

 it will hurt derek. a lot.


qhuinn: i love to see the banter between derek and stiles. but i was wondering if perhaps we’ll see them having a more profound scene this season?

 most definitely.


obiebers: which character is the least like the person they are played by?

 hoechlin is nothing like derek.


loislame: when derek accused lydia of using him to bring peter back to life, was derek aware that lydia was being controlled and didn’t actually have any agency?

 yes. he’s just a sourwolf.


sterek-scisaac: does scott or derek tell allison about her mum?

 that question is answered tomorrow night.


azaras-spirit: hey jeff! i thought i heard that derek will get some romance this season. is it true?



kikky84: ciao jeff, where is the camaro?

 derek has new wheels this season.


wetlschmerz: good evening (here). could you please tell us when will derek and ms. blake first interact?

 tomorrow night!


teenwolflovesfutbol: when will derek and ms. blake meet? also, how many episodes were incorporated into the season three trailer? loving it so far! it’s awesome!!!!

 tomorrow night’s episode!


miccahlynn: hey, jeff! i just want you to know that i support you with every decision you make, even if it involves killing off characters *sniff* anyways, my question: does dr. deaton have anything to do anything with derek’s past?

 he does indeed. he was especially important to derek’s family.


 finduilasclln: were you all of you just trying to throw us off by saying there’d be “no sterek” this season, or do you consider what we got these first two episodes really “no sterek”? ’cause i gotta say… if this is no sterek, then we love it! derek and stiles had some amazing scenes together so far! and then i can’t wait for you to write some “actual sterek”. lol.

 i think you’re referring to someone saying there would be very little stiles and derek interaction this season. i actually don’t remember ever saying that.


Check out the Teen Wolf Tumblr for the rest of the Q&A.


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