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Fan Spotlight: A Fans Review Of Episode 3.02

Today we want to spotlight a fan’s review of ‘Teen Wolf’ Episode 3.02. We so often read professional critics’ reviews of our favorite shows, but it’s not that often that ‘real’ viewers and fans have the opportunity to express their thoughts. We’d like to thank FaeryQueen07 again for sending us her review to post on the site. As with all reviews, this one is chock full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the most recent episode, I advise you to do so now (over at and then come back. That said…

Oh Teen Wolf. Had I expected that I would be explaining what condoms are to my nine-year-old…I still would have let her watch Chaos Rising.

Let me take a moment here to say, Dylan, way to be the cherry-popping KING. Seriously. I mean, do producers, directors and casting agents know their shit or what? Oh, you need the perfect guy to devirginize someone? Dylan O’Brien. He’s is the one. No freaking joke.

I would also like to say that I love scenes with Stiles and Peter. It is my personal *cough* headcanon that if Peter had a human son, he’d have been a lot like Stiles, which is why Peter a) “tolerates” Stiles more than he does others, b) he didn’t just kill Stiles when he pretty much killed every other human who got in his way. You can’t convince me otherwise. I may or may not have an entire series written that is firmly entrenched in this belief. Their on-screen chemistry is wonderful and if anyone could get Peter to play nice (though not be nice), it’s Stiles. Stiles is all the things Peter admires in a person: fiercely loyal, determined, smart and clever. He’s immature at times, sure, but he has his head screwed on a lot more than other kids his age. He’s that little bit of humanity that can’t exist inside Peter.

Stiles and Derek – I have been avoiding spoilers like no one’s business, which means I haven’t been on Twitter at all, but I have seen a couple of the remarks from Dylan about Stiles and Derek not having a lot of scenes together. So far, they’ve had a number of scenes together and there lots of flirting. Punching someone’s hand is totally flirting. It’s like pulling pigtails, but for the emotionally constipated over the age of twelve. #trufax

Over all, I thought Chaos Rising was pretty good, but again, it seems like they’re trying to cram a lot of information into each episode. You have twenty-four, you guys. Slow the eff down. I want details, people. I want you to set up the scene and make me feel something. So far, I’m just confused and I feel like the character introductions are rushed.

That critique aside, sitting out any episode of Teen Wolf is just not an option. I remember when MTV first announced the series. I was so put off by the very idea (hello, Sixteen and Pregnant and refused to watch it. Then, late one night, I stumbled upon a reference to the show and was like, ‘Fine, I will give these f$%ckers one shot.’ The series premiere was nothing special, not really, but Jesus Christ was I hooked. I mainlined the entire first season in two nights (yes, my work suffered, but #worthit) and then thought I would absolutely die waiting for season two. I didn’t, but it was a close thing.

What flaws there are in the show (rushed storylines, sparse details) are made up by the clever writing and the characters. Tyler Hoechlin’s ‘Derek Hale Frowny Face of Doom’ is a thing to send you rushing to the kitchen, determined to force a smile upon him through the strength of baked goods. More than that, though, is the chemistry between the actors that bleeds over. They are each of them a force to be reckoned with.

Last season saw Ms. Morrell (whom I will forever refer to Kendra, the Vampire Slayer, in my head) as something of an ally to Scott and Stiles. This season, her loyalties are in question. Does Deaton suspect? Is Ms. Morrell supposed to play both sides? The ending of the episode was abrupt, more so than I would have preferred, and while I am not all that intrigued by the new surviving Hale family member, I am looking forward as to the effect her presence will have on Derek.

And Danny got hit on by one of the twins! I mean, obviously this isn’t good (poor dude has such crap taste in guys, omg), but that makes Danny a big part of the plot and Teen Wolf needs more of its Danny M?healani (as taken from the TW wikia), because he is a much-needed strong representation for the LGBTQ youth. His sexuality has already been defined by himself, without the pressure of fandom, though I should like to remind everyone out there: you are more than any single aspect of yourself. Who you love, how you express yourself, what you enjoy—those do not define you. They just help shape you. And Danny…well, let’s not even beat around the bush. Danny is very well shaped.

Overall, if I were to rate Chaos Rising out of a five-star possibility, I would have to give it 3.5 stars. In comparison, I would give Tattoo a rating of 4 stars for the character depth shown. I look forward to what Fireflies has to bring us.

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