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‘Teen Wolf’ S3: 30 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait Another Day has created a fantastic list of 30 reasons why they can’t wait another day for Season 3 of ‘Teen Wolf.’ We completely agree with all of the Derek-related reasons! Be sure to click the source link at the bottom for the entire article.


22. A less broody Derek.

Hey, we love a brooding Derek Hale as much as anyone else, but the dude needs a break. You can only watch him be a sad little puppy for so long before you just can’t take it anymore.

This season, Derek may be finding some happiness. Let’s face it, though, it isn’t going to be a pleasant season. But now that Peter isn’t roaming around Beacon Hills trying to kill people, and Gerard is (somewhat) out of the way, Derek may just be able to relax. And, okay, there’s a rogue Alpha Pack wandering around town, but Derek might just be learning to deal with things in stride and actually loosen up a little.

20. Romantic Derek?

This kind of goes along with reason #22, but we think it deserves a spot on its own. The idea of Derek finally relaxing enough to become romantically involved with a girl is kind of beyond belief, but we’ve been promised, and we’re holding the writers to it.

As with any relationship, we’re sure things are going to get complicated. Will she be a werewolf? Will she know about werewolves? And, of course, will Derek have to protect her against the Alpha Pack? (Okay, we can probably answer that last one.) But still. The idea that Derek could be acting more like a normal human being is too good to pass up

16. Young Derek and young Laura.

If fans are having trouble waiting for season 3 in general, then they’re practically foaming at the mouth for episode 3×08. This is the episode that will, hopefully, answer a lot of questions. We’ll learn more about Derek, perhaps more about the hunters, and finally get an answer as to why certain werewolves have different eye colors.

Most exciting yet is that the flashback will be taking place when Derek is supposedly 14 or 15 years old. That means we’ll be getting young Derek and Laura Hale! Not only are we excited to finally get some real scenes from Laura, we’re excited to see Derek as a charismatic athlete who doesn’t have the chip on his shoulder he does now.

8. Scott and Derek working together.

Because it’s about damn time.

Scott and Derek have been going back and forth in their relationship for two seasons. Derek’s all like, “I’m not going to tell you anything, even though you need this information and it could probably save your life.” And Scott’s like, “Dude, you’re so not my Alpha. I’m not trusting you.”

But season 3 might end all of that. Even though the Alpha Pack will be trying to divide the two of them, we think it’s high time they both put what’s in the past behind them and realize they can accomplish so much more if they stick together.

6. Derek gets a real place to live.

Because burnt down houses and abandoned train yards are so last season.

It’s nice that Derek will be getting an apartment with, like, furniture and stuff. He deserves a nice place to park his car. And sleep. And not worry about a building falling on top of him. Still, we’re sure his new abode will suffer some damage, as there’s been talk that the Alpha Pack will be visiting him at his new place. Having grown up living quarters could prove troublesome, as it’ll sure make finding him a lot easier.

1. 24 whole episodes for season 3.

Although these reasons for being excited about season 3 were in no particular order, we probably still would’ve put this one in first place if they were. Season 3 will have 24 episodes. That means we’ll be getting twice as many as the last two seasons. Inevitably that means more plotlines, more character developments, more death (*sob*), and more shocking twists and turns.

With everything we already know about season 3, we’re sure it’s going to be a great one. There’s only 30 days left until the premiere, Wolf Pack! Grab your mountain ash, befriend a wolf, and get ready for a wild ride, because we’ve been told this season might just hurt.



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