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Hoechlin/Haynes Photo War: Part Two

It appears as if Colton Haynes has thrown the gauntlet again! You’ll recall that poking fun at Tyler is one of Colton’s favorite pasttimes, and in October, Tyler struck back at his friend with a jab of his own. 

Today, Colton posted this (admittedly adorable) pic of young Tyler.

Ian Bohen commented, and now we’re waiting anxiously to see if Tyler will retaliate. 

Ian tweet

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely #TEAMHOECHLIN 



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Hoechlin/Haynes Photo War

Anyone who follows Colton Haynes on Instagram or Twitter knows Colton loves teasing Tyler about Derek’s likeness to Grumpy Cat.

On Friday, Colton decided to take his teasing back a few years and posted this adorable screencap of Tyler performing in Disney Sing-A-Long Songs- Happy Haunting (1998).

@Coltonlhaynes I’m Riskin My Friendship/Life By Postin This. #Fbf @Tylerl_hoechlin I’m So Mean But I Had To. 🙂 He’s Gonna Kill Me


It seemed as if Colton was enjoying his latest jab at his friend.

Colton tweet1


But finally… Tyler retaliated with this fantastic driver’s license picture of Colton.

@Tylerl_hoechlin- Happy Haircut @Coltonlhaynes … You Asked For This.


Colton took it well though.

Colton tweet2


We have to give this round to Hoechlin, but we can’t wait to see what happens next in this prank war! Will Mama Hoechlin stand by her son, or will she give Colton more ammunition? Stay Tuned!