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Coffee Lounge at Wolfsbane with Tyler and Sinqua

Thanks for onehaleofawolf on tumblr for compiling this, and thanks to @emony on twitter for sharing.

*BLINK* and you’ll miss slight 3B spoilers

? Coffee lounge, let me see what I can remember. First we talked about good places to get burgers.Sinqua recommended Austin TX.
? They ate crocodile and kangaroo burgers in Australia w Colton last year.
? yler showed us the video on his phone of them pranking Dylan. We talked about GoT cast Vine-ing things.
? Sinqua wasn’t planked, everyone was lovely to him. They stayed up late on set working out because they couldn’t sleep
? Sinqua was flying back and forth from Atlanta to LA while shooting s2.
? We talked about getting Boyd backstory and then he died, and how sad we were. Freezer girl was def his sister.
? Tyler talked about Derek and Peter having lots of scenes in 3b. They have a tense but comedic dynamic
? The summer affair theory is blown. He doesn’t think they saw each other at all, just came to appreciate each others contribution
? Tyler compared Derek and Peter to Derek and Stiles, derek getting annoyed by them having fun w everything
? Sees Derek and Chris as parallels in hunters v werewolves. Respects Chris who follows the code.
? Would accept Chris hunting him if he did something breaking the code.
? Derek sees his role as contributing, and if that means death, so be it. Likened Derek to soldier or firefighter. His purpose.
? They talked about having parallels between Boyd and Scott. And maybe would’ve had Boyd/Scott friendship if he’d lived
? Tyler told us again about the cut scene w Stiles.
? Colton has a video of Holland falling off a climbing wall in Atlanta. She had whiplash for a week.
? Cora storyline would’ve been 3b, but Adelaide got Reign so.
? Mentioned the Sterek Ice Age gif, Diago and Sid, thinks that’s perfect. They start off hating e other but come to value contribution.
? Sterek start hating each other, but now mostly it’s for fun because it reminds them where they came from, and Derek enjoys it
? Holland sometimes remembers things differently to everyone else, or things that didn’t happen.
? Too young to be intimidated by cast on Road to Perdition. Walked right up to Paul Newman, mother couldn’t believe it
? If he did it again, he’d be on set every day to learn from Hanks etc.
? I think that’s it 🙂
? Oh, they love the con and want to come back.
? Tyler thinks Derek isn’t (consciously) suicidal, but would like to discuss w Jeff as a possible future character theme
? Tyler mentioned the petition for Derek to have a nice day. Will give it to Jeff. Thinks its just be a dream though!
? Derek dreaming of a nice basketball game w Boyd, while irl he’s being tortured again etc

Many thanks to the ever so awesome @Enomy for sharing this via Twitter!