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Nrama: It was announced recently that there’s a Superman show in development. What would you like to see from it? Would you like to see Supergirl crossover?

Leigh: I love Tyler Hoechlin. I think he’s a phenomenal human being who is so kind and so compassionate and very, very humble. We all call it the first episode he was in. Everybody said, dude, you’re so ready to get your own show. But it took a long time for Warner Brothers and DC to agree on that and make that happen. And the fact that it is I think is so fantastic.

I love his version of Clark Kent, Superman. I think he’s just done a phenomenal job. And Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois, is just lovely as well. So, I’m really excited for that. I think they’re going to be in Vancouver, which is also really cool because it’s like the more the merrier up there, more friends we get to play with. I think Supergirl traveling over there would be awesome. But I would like to be part of that as well. He’s basically her cousin as well, you know.

Nrama: I would love to see that, and when I say Supergirl I mean the whole cast.

Leigh: Sure, sure.


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“Today we’re unveiling one more of our remade pieces of artwork to celebrate the upcoming release of #FF7R.

Here’s SOLDIER’s finest, Sephiroth. Hailed as a hero after the war with Wutai, many youths have aspired to join SOLDIER in his footsteps ever since…” – @finalfantasyvii

“…and here’s a much closer look at the legendary Sephiroth in #FinalFantasy VII Remake! #FF7R” – @finalfantasyvii

***Tyler is voicing this character in Final Fantasy VII remake.***