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The guys of Richard Linklater’s ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ talk nostalgia, growing up and picking up chicks

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By Lauren Chval – Redeye – 03.31.16

Though he’s approaching 30 and his days of playing college baseball at UC Irvine are far behind him, “Everybody Wants Some” star Tyler Hoechlin compared giving up a sport to Jaime Lannister losing his hand in “Game of Thrones.”

“This is such a dramatic way of putting it: When you die as an athlete, it’s literally a part of you that dies,” Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf”) said at The Langham hotel. “It’s part of who you are. I still cling to that. I still call myself a baseball player. Because that’s so much a part of who I was growing up, and I still don’t know fully who I am without that being a piece of it. It’s definitely a tough thing when you let that go.”

That struggle lies at the heart of the film, opening April 1 and starring an ensemble cast that includes Hoechlin, Blake Jenner (“Glee”) and Will Brittain (“Lila and Eve”) as members of a 1980 Texas college baseball team moving into their house the weekend before the school year starts. A countdown clock ticks off the seconds until that first Monday morning class, always reminding the audience that something is slipping away.

It’s a familiar point for writer-director Richard Linklater. After all, chronicling a boy’s childhood from 6 to 18 (“Boyhood”), checking in on a couple’s relationship every nine years (“Before Sunrise,” “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight”), meandering with a group of teenagers on their last day of high school (“Dazed and Confused”) … if you were going to make an argument that the filmmaker is obsessed with time, you wouldn’t find a shortage of evidence.

Maintaining that focus along with Linklater’s familiar indifference toward plot (as in, there barely is one), “Everybody Wants Some” dismisses any idea of a traditional narrative with a laugh and a haze of smoke—it takes a long time to realize the major, story-propelling incident you’re waiting for isn’t coming. It’s a neat trick; simultaneously wishing that things would get started and feeling like they’re slipping away is a universally experienced state of mind, a contradiction that hit home with Hoechlin.

“You’re always looking at what’s coming up next and how much time you have left,” the 28-year-old actor said. “If I could tell anybody anything, I would say, ‘Stop looking at that. Just look at today.’ Because then all of a sudden it’s kind of gone.”

Sports in particular present the challenge of existing in a moment—an athlete must forget the last play and focus on the current one. Hoechlin said Linklater expressed the belief that, “You can’t grow up until you stop playing sports,” and some members of the team are more aware of this than others.

Jenner, 23, stars as Jake, a freshman pitcher eager to prove himself, and Brittain, 25, is his roommate Billy, a freshman who can always be found by following the phone cord (’80s = landlines) as he talks with his girlfriend back home. Hoechlin’s character, McReynolds, faces very different challenges—he’s the team’s veteran hitter, coming to a fork that either heads to playing pro ball or saying goodbye to baseball forever, a feeling the actor knows all too well.

On campus, the guys of “Everybody Wants Some” are eager to categorize themselves as baseball players instead of just explaining themselves by their chosen major. Beyond being afraid to grow up, they’re scared of losing their identity or, as one character puts it, “never being more than some dude doing some job just like everybody else.” As actors, it’s not a stretch for Hoechlin, Jenner and Brittain to relate to that—Brittain said that as a kid, he was so scared of being ordinary that he was serious about becoming a professional tornado chaser.

But as intent as the characters are on being known as baseball players, a major point of the film is their willingness to assume temporary identities in the interest of getting laid. They’ll dance at a disco, ride a bull in a country bar, rock out at a punk show and don costumes at a theater party in an effort to win over a girl.

Jenner’s character questions the phoniness of this approach, but he’s assured by upperclassman guru Finn (played by Glen Powell, who channels Matthew McConaughey’s “Dazed and Confused” character to great effect) that it’s simply adaptive.

“I think it’s only phony if you abuse it,” Jenner said when asked about that strategy. “If you’re going out and you’re just trying something new but you’re yourself that whole time, you’re just kind of gaining knowledge from this experience, that’s adaptive. But if I go in, and I’m trying to just be a pick-up artist [and] I’m doing it solely to pick up chicks … that’s phony.”

Brittain agreed, adding that everyone changes their behavior based on who they’re with, not just guys looking for someone to take home—that anyone would act differently with their family than they do with their co-workers. Hoechlin wouldn’t take a side, saying it could be both phony and adaptive.

But that’s the key to “Everybody Wants Some.” What it lacks in traditional story structure (the girl, played by Zoey Deutch of “Dirty Grandpa,” doesn’t even become a factor until late in the game), it makes up for with open-ended conversation about what it means to be young and alive. Set in a summer more than three decades ago, it’s nostalgic for another time but also nostalgic for the possibilities that come with youth.

“In college, you’re always ready to get to the next thing,” Brittain said. “It’s like when you get to the next thing, things are really going to be happening, you know?”

“It doesn’t change,” Jenner added.

INTERVIEW: “Everybody Wants Some!!” cast shares ’80s lightheartedness

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By Connor Reed – The Daily Free Press – 03.27.16

At one point in Richard Linklater’s newest film, Jake, a college freshman played by Blake Jenner who’s just spent a long weekend with his future baseball teammates, enters the first class of his undergraduate career. The professor, who we barely see and hear only in passing, has written an epigram in large lettering on the chalkboard: “Frontiers are where you find them.”

“Everybody Wants Some!!” is marketed as Linklater’s “spiritual sequel” to 1993’s “Dazed and Confused.” It’s about a lot of things, but most of its themes can be boiled down to that assertion.

Set in the early 1980s, the film takes place over a single weekend, opening as Jake arrives at an unnamed Texas university to play baseball and moves into new off-campus athlete housing. We watch as Jake gets to know a slew of the team’s personalities, like Billy Autrey (Will Brittain), his drawl-sporting roommate preoccupied with a long-distance relationship, and McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin), an upperclassman with a deeply competitive streak and fragile ego. The group bounces from party to party, discusses things like music, science and women and seizes any chance that presents itself for lighthearted derision.

After speaking with Jenner, Brittain and Hoechlin in a roundtable interview Friday at The Eliot Hotel, it seems clear that the laidback, jovial, testosterone-infused environment that Linklater conjures onscreen transferred over to the environment on set.

Brittain, a 25-year-old Texas native whose first major role was in the 2013 indie drama “A Teacher,” repeatedly emphasized the camaraderie of the process.

“Everybody was killing it,” Brittain said. “And you knew everybody was killing it. And you knew everybody was going to kill it. And then when we killed it, we were like, ‘Hey! We killed it!’”

Jenner echoed the sentiment. All three actors mentioned that the film, which sports an ensemble cast and belongs squarely in the “hangout movie” genre Linklater has established with films like “Slacker” and “Dazed and Confused,” felt like a collaboration in the way that a sports team feels like a collaboration, with lines and moments often shuffled between actors without resentment.

Another point of focus was the experience of working on a Linklater film — not only stylistically, as he is an auteur of meandering naturalism, but as a career emblem.

He is often cited as a launcher of careers, perhaps the most well-recognized example being Matthew McConaughey’s early performance as David Wooderson in “Dazed and Confused,” whose catchphrase “alright, alright, alright” has become synonymous with McConaughey’s brand.

“Coming from first moving out to Los Angeles and working at a Burger King and a parrot shop and auditioning for Best Buy commercials that you get cut out of … it sounds cheesy,” Jenner said. “But it’s a dream come true 100 percent to be able to say, ‘Yeah, we worked with that director,’ who’s easily one of the greatest directors of our country and time in general.”

One hallmark of Linklater’s filmography is a sometimes-sprawling thematic palette, where characters will develop a variety of messages via interconnected conversations over the span of a single film.Jenner first gained recognition for his role in the latter seasons of FOX’s “Glee,” in which he played Ryder Lynn after winning a spot on the show from reality competition “The Glee Project.”

For Hoechlin, most recognizable as Derek Hale from MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” identity stands as the most important theme.

“I think [it’s about] not being afraid to be who you are,” Hoechlin said. “I think my favorite line in the movie is … ‘Always bring who you are, never who they want.’ I thought it was such a great new way of saying ‘Be yourself.’ It’s just so much more fun when you kind of embrace what you are and who you are and what you think, as opposed to trying to fit into some box that somebody else might put you in.”

A lot is communicated throughout “Everybody Wants Some!!” and very little actually happens. What does happen, though, is big — a young man’s realization that there are barriers and chances to start anew at every turn, and he has to learn when to breach what frontiers while remaining honest with himself.

It’s remarkable, then, and distinctly Linklater that the process of making the film would lead its creators to the very same conclusion.

Director Richard Linklater is the ‘best coach’

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By Jake Mulligan BOSTON GLOBE – 

Actors Blake Jenner (“Glee”), Tyler Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf”), and Will Brittain behaved like teammates at the AMC Boston Common the other night — backslapping, trading punch lines, and telling a few of the rowdiest stories they’ve collected during their time together. The three portray college baseball players in director Richard Linklater’s latest, the ’80s-era campus-comedy “Everybody Wants Some!!” (The movie opens April 1 in Boston.) The trio says the celebrated director deserves all the credit for their camaraderie. Linklater is the “best coach ever,” Jenner said. “You want to be around whatever Rick’s doing,” added Brittain, in a distinctly Texas accent. “You feel like you want to be a sponge around him.” The three met for the first time at Linklater’s farm in the Lone Star State, where pre-production prep included dance lessons, baseball practice, and a read-through of Linklater’s ever-evolving script. “It was so inspiring to see people taking their character and working on it and honing it, and shaping it,” Hoechlin said during an interview at the Eliot Hotel. “It started to inform me of who my character was. Everybody kept pushing each other up, and the performances kept growing.” Having arrived here from Phoenix, the trio planned a night out in Boston, beginning at Kings Boston and then maybe a few rounds at Bleacher Bar. As for the future, it’s obvious the team of actors are hoping to reunite with their favorite coach, even if they have to wait a while. “You look to the ‘Before’ movies [‘Before Sunrise,’ ‘Before Sunset,’ and ‘Before Midnight’], [and you see Linklater] takes his time,” Jenner said. “It shows how patient he is, and shows how much of an artist he is. We’re all obsessed with him. I keep calling him, and he’s not returning my calls. Can that be the headline? ‘Rick, Blake Needs You.’ ”

Wizard World Raleigh Comic Con Panel

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Thanks to Nadia, who was live-tweeting from Tyler’s panel on Saturday on the Tyler Hoechlin Online twitter account.  Before the panel, we asked him if he were a crayon, what color would he be. He said he would be red, even though his favorite color is green. 

“It took one question!” On Tyler getting asked about leaving Teen Wolf

Tyler is talking about his two independent films, and how excited he is about them.

Which character that died on Teen Wolf would you bring back? Tyler: Allison

He likes that Allison’s death brought Derek and Chris Argent together

Tyler says Derek’s evolution was him finding exactly who he was supposed to be and that caused the transformation. 

“Derek found his purpose without forcing it. Like when he was the alpha.” – Tyler

Cutest relationship on set? Posey and Dylan

“I can’t say Derek is coming back. I can’t say he’s not coming back.” – Tyler

Favorite moment BTS “Scaring Dylan with Posey in S1.”

He says in the finales when everyone was on set, and it gets a little crazy. But it’s like a family.

Any characters to take to a deserted island 1) Khalessi 2) Frank Underwood 3) Daryl Dixon 4) Chandler 5) Buffy/Xena

Best baseball movie, “Field of Dreams when I’m a dad. Bull Durham now.”

Dream role “Something you’ve never done before. Good directors. You know when you see em’.”

Baseball Position: short stop Baseball Team: Oakland A’s (changes every 6 months) Memory: Playing against LSU in super regionals in 2008 (you can find the video of this in our videos tab!)

Do you have fear of getting injured doing crazy things? “Sharks yes, while surfing.” He wants a jet board for surfing ON THE LAKE, no sharks

Derek Hale any super power? “The ability to heal, cause he needs it REALLY BADLY! Paramount of needs for Derek.”

Job instead of acting? 1) baseball player or coach 2) Construction

For the apocalypse what skills does each cast member have to help you? Stiles determination to fix a problem, and think outside the box

Con’t: Scott’s loyalty, and Peter will out snark the apocalypse.

Incredible learning experience and get to watch Tom Hanks. He would want to relive filming Road To Perdition.

If Derek Hale was in House Stark what would the dire wolf’s name would be? Girl named Haley because of Hale

He changed it to Haley and Stark, because a Stark has to live. Boy and girl

Saw that Saints agree to trade Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks and he fell on the floor. He just sat on the floor, so bitter.

“The only plays I ever did were in elementary school. Did a King Arthur play maybe? SWORDS AND SHIELDS were involved.”

Hoechlin himself advice to Scott/Stiles/Lydia. First “You won’t miss him that much.” “keep each other’s back. Stay loyal scott.”

“Stiles, I still don’t like you but we’re better now. Lydia, tone down the screaming.” – Tyler

Do you take Colton’s fashion advice? “Not always. But I’ve gotten better so he doesn’t comment as much.”

Told story about Colton completely dissing his outfit in season 2 when they went out to dinner.

The nutritional part is more important than working out. That ruined Hoechlin’s life. Pizza is awesome/pasta is awesome/bread is really good

Favorite character to play “Derek and McReynolds the character he’s playing in his new film.” Least favorite: Grizzly Rage (I DIDNT SAY IT)

Tyler the superhero he’d want to play is Batman. RDJ revolutionized Iron Man, most believable human in those stories. He’s pretty rad.

Derek would bring back Jackson. Based on humor factor.

Most painful beat up for Hoechlin? Dylan actually hitting him in the elevator and making his nose bleed.

“I’m the weird one. ” – Tyler on posting his toenail on Twitter when it fell off.

Tyler would love to do a bio pic

Tyler was also asked by Attoliancrown what Game of Thrones house and what Hogwarts house he would be in. He answered that both he and Derek would be House Stark, and Tyler would be a Sytherin, because he’s very ambitious. 

We had a great time chatting with Tyler about sports, ‘Teen Wolf’, his career, future roles, paparazzi, fake accounts, and twitter. Can’t wait to do it again!


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