Everybody Wants Some!! DVD Release Date & Pre-order information

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Per Amazon, ‘Everybody Wants Some!!

will be released (DVD & Blu-Ray) on July 12, 2016.


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Review of ‘Everybody Wants Some’ – BuzzFeed

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Tyler getting some review love for Glen McReynolds…..

By Alison Willmore

“The best player on the 1980 Texas college baseball team lovingly depicted in Everybody Wants Some is a senior named Glen McReynolds, a guy who looks like he walked right off a faded Topps card and into a keg party. Played by former Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin, Glen has the bulgiest muscles, the most luxuriant mustache, and the shit-eating grin of a guy who’s sure he’s going to go on as a pro athlete, that his life is going to become even more sweet than it already is. He’s introduced by almost caving in a kitchen ceiling with the waterbed he’s been setting up in the room above. He grinds every newcomer — including freshman main character Jake (Blake Jenner) — into the dirt to establish his dominance, and he handles losing very, very poorly. He’s the distilled essence of sporty douchebaggery.

But during a lazy afternoon hang-out around the baseball team houses (a pair of much-abused buildings donated by the city to house its players), Glen proposes a bet: wielding an axe as a baseball bat, he can cut a baseball in half midair. The teammate who takes up his wager tosses the ball, and as Glen hefts the axe above his shoulder and whirls it around, the movie slows down as if — like everyone else there — it can’t help but admire the easy certainty with which he pulls of this feat of strength and accuracy. Glen may be a asshole, but he’s enthralling in his physical magnificence, and in that moment, you can’t help but like him, even as he smirkingly offers to go two out of three.”

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Catch Tyler at the Chicago screening of Everybody Wants Some!

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Do you live in Chicaco? Do you want to see Everybody Wants Some and see Tyler?

Then click here to get passes to the screening on March 15th.

Disclaimer: Advance screenings are often intentionally overbooked, so be sure to arrive early if you want to guarantee yourself a seat.

Tyler Cast in Fifty Shades Darker

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Tyler has been cast as Boyce Fox in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel Fifty Shades Darker which just started filming in Vancouver.

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Tyler’s movie Undrafted has been picked up!

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th undrafted

Vertical Entertainment has picked up worldwide rights to the baseball drama Undrafted from writer-director Joseph Mazzello.

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