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Got a text from my Dad in our family group chat the other day. He had just treated his first Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. In the last photo here, you can see his description of the experience and what he had to wear. To him and all the other people out there who are still going to work and putting themselves in harms way to serve others, THANK YOU. All of you are the true heroes of the world.

All of us who can help by staying home except for when absolutely necessary, need to continue to do so because our caretakers and so many others who still need to go to work – can not. Let’s look out for each other and do everything we can to keep each other safe. Many if not all of us have suffered loss during this time or know someone who has. My condolences go out to all of them. No one is alone in this.

These photos are from a trip I was lucky enough to take with my dad a few years ago on his annual trip to Africa to treat people who don’t always have access to care. Again, a true hero. Love you, Pops.

#StayHome #StaySafe #StayHealthy #ThanksHealthHeroes #StayHome for my dad and all the others still working.

Gallery here.


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