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Excerpt 1:
Last we saw Lois and Clark (Tyler Hoechlin), they were engaged and off to Argo – the floating Kryptonian colony in space where the sun is red and things are pretty chill – so Lois could safely give birth to their child. Coincidentally, Tulloch was pregnant herself during the filming of last year’s Elseworlds. “So absolutely I’ve had a lot of parallel stuff going on with Lois,” Tulloch told us.
“It’s funny,” said Tulloch. “Tyler and I had some scenes being new parents and I was telling him ‘oh no, this is how you do that; this is how crazy this feels.”As for the new dad? “Tyler was really cute with the baby,” Tulloch said. “I think the fans are really going to love seeing superman as a new dad.”  So how are things for the new parents on Argo? “I would say they’ve been leading a pretty peaceful existence.”

Excerpt 2:
One place we may be going next? A spin-off centered on Superman and Lois. Tulloch couldn’t talk much about it so early but did share: “We’re really excited though. Tyler and I are so excited. We’ve met with the show runner…the story is awesome.” Tulloch added that the pitch was so good “I literally got chills.”

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