Tyler’s photoshoot from SXSW

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Check out the Gallery for the full size photos from Tyler’s photoshoot from SXSW!

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Catch Tyler at the Chicago screening of Everybody Wants Some!

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Do you live in Chicaco? Do you want to see Everybody Wants Some and see Tyler?

Then click here to get passes to the screening on March 15th.

Disclaimer: Advance screenings are often intentionally overbooked, so be sure to arrive early if you want to guarantee yourself a seat.

Tyler in Glamour Magazine – April 2016

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Tyler and his Everybody Wants Some Costars are in April Glamour magazine. Check out the gallery for the photos taken from a digital copy of the magazine.


Preview of ‘Everybody Wants Some!’ – No spoilers

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“Richard Linklater’s new film, “Everybody Wants Some,” opens, aptly, on April 1, just before the start of the new baseball season. It’s a hearty and joyous look back at life at a Texas college in 1980, as seen from within the bouncy bubble of the varsity baseball team, the weekend before the start of classes. The freshman pitcher Jake Bradford (Blake Jenner) and his teammates flaunt their idiosyncrasies as they strut around campus with competitive swagger, yet they’re just as lost and searching as any other undergraduates, and that tension lends the lighthearted and rowdily comic drama emotional force. Linklater captures the times with a pin-perfect sense of style, down to the droop of the mustaches and the cut of the short shorts, and his yet unheralded actors mesh with an easygoing exuberance.”

Excerpt from the article PITCH PERFECT by Richard Brody

10 Reasons to Get Excited for Fifty Shades Darker…

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Tyler was the #3 reason according to Cosmopolitan!


3. The presence of Tyler Hoechlin. His character Boyce Fox doesn’t even appear in person in the books, so one can only assume that producers added Tyler in because (1) he’s extremely good-looking and (2) they’re setting up some more flirtation opportunities for Ana and men who aren’t named Christian Grey. This can only be good for business, and by business I mean my eyes.



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