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Compilation of ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Reviews

“The best player on the 1980 Texas college baseball team lovingly depicted in Everybody Wants Some is a senior named Glen McReynolds, a guy who looks like he walked right off a faded Topps card and into a keg party. Played by former Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin, Glen has the bulgiest muscles, the most luxuriant mustache, and the shit-eating grin of a guy who’s sure he’s going to go on as a pro athlete, that his life is going to become even more sweet than it already is. He’s introduced by almost caving in a kitchen ceiling with the waterbed he’s been setting up in the room above. He grinds every newcomer — including freshman main character Jake (Blake Jenner) — into the dirt to establish his dominance, and he handles losing very, very poorly. He’s the distilled essence of sporty douchebaggery.

But during a lazy afternoon hang-out around the baseball team houses (a pair of much-abused buildings donated by the city to house its players), Glen proposes a bet: wielding an axe as a baseball bat, he can cut a baseball in half midair. The teammate who takes up his wager tosses the ball, and as Glen hefts the axe above his shoulder and whirls it around, the movie slows down as if — like everyone else there — it can’t help but admire the easy certainty with which he pulls of this feat of strength and accuracy. Glen may be a asshole, but he’s enthralling in his physical magnificence, and in that moment, you can’t help but like him, even as he smirkingly offers to go two out of three.”
Buzzfeed 3.20.16


“The ensemble cast is bursting with charismatic young actors. Jenner and Powell are magnetic. Tyler Hoechlin as arrogant hotshot McReynolds prowls around his scenes like a panther. Wyatt Russell as pitcher and ur-stoner Willoughby has some of the film’s best lines. Juston Street, as Niles, is the film’s clown, a towering, pumped-up fount of comically bad vibes.”
Wired 3.15.16


“This is the best day of my life – until tomorrow,” says McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin), one of the college baseball players that populate Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!, aptly summing up the endless party vibe of the riotous comedy.
…. Immediately upon arrival at his new home, he’s hazed by McReynolds, a heavy hitter who can’t hide his disdain for pitchers. He fares better with his other housemates.
…. Collectively, they’re one hell of ensemble, with Powell and Hoechlin as charismatic standouts.”
The Guardian 3.11.16


“….Moving into the run-down house reserved for the baseball team, Jake is greeted with an uneasy mix of camaraderie and hostility by his fellow players, some of whom — like the cocky McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin, sporting a Burt Reynolds mustache), a heavy hitter on the field and elsewhere — hardly bother to hide their scorn for freshmen in general and pitchers in particular…”
Variety 3.11.16


“….It’s August of 1980, three days before the fall semester starts at a small Texas college. Jake (Blake Jenner), a fresh-faced pitcher who clearly was a star in his little hometown, parks his Oldsmobile 442 in front of the two houses used as ramshackle dorms by the baseball team. Inside, the first two upperclassmen he meets will barely shake his hand. “I hate pitchers,” boasts McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin), a mustachioed stud with enough confidence to make him alpha male in a house of alphas. …”
The Hollywood Report 3.11.16


“… Like any good baseball team, Everybody Wants Some has a really deep bench of versatile role players. There’s McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin), the team leader with a killer swing and a hyper-competitive streak; Finn (Glen Powell), the smooth-talking ladies man who could have been pals with the gang from National Lampoon’s Animal House; Willoughby (Wyatt Russell), the potheaded veteran who thinks weed enhances his natural telepathic powers; and “Raw Dog” (Justin Street), a hilariously insecure pitcher who will stop at nothing to prove his toughness (and whose deranged obsession with respect makes him the movie’s breakout star and biggest scene stealer).”
Screen Crush 3.11.16


“…Tyler Hoechlin also commands the screen as McReynolds, the leader of the bunch who has a habit of rubbing some the wrong way due to the fact that he’s a major sore loser.”
Collider 3.11.16


“…This first hour is bearable because of the cast assembled and their improvisational take on the material. I have no idea how much Linklater let them go off script, but Jake, who is privy to the wisdom of senior students Roper (Ryan Guzman) McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin) and Willoughby (Wyatt Russell), plays around the planned dialogue impressively. The group’s physical comedy is dynamic, and Linklater doesn’t shy away from possible incoherence, letting moments play out until their absurdity turns to charm.
The Daily Gazette 3.15.16


“McReynolds is the Alpha Dog of the team. He plays center field, is a pro prospect, is by far the best player, and he can swing an axe for a bat and cut a pitched baseball in half. McReynolds is so competitive, he won’t even befriend the pitchers on the team just in case he ever has to face them in the pros. He would never want to give them “an edge.””
Uproxx 3.11.16


“…Other standouts include Juston Street as the erratic and Ricky-Vaughn-esque Jay “Raw Dog” Niles, Wyatt Russell as a Twilight Zone loving stoner named Willoughby, and Tyler Hoechlin as the cocky, yet proven, team captain, McReynolds. But, again, the entire cast is aces.”
We Got This Covered 3.16.16


“… McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin), star centerfielder and resident alpha dog, makes it clear from the beginning that college is going to be a whole ‘nother ballgame. He refuses to befriend Jake not only because he’s a newbie, but due to the fact that pitchers may become future competition in the big leagues one day. Jake also has other upperclassmen to contend with, though none of them are quite as bad as McReynolds.”
iDigitalTimes 3.13.16


“…The already-pretty-famous Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) is a stand-out as the only member of the cast with advanced baseball training.”
Vanity Fair 3.12.16


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