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Wizard World Raleigh Comic Con Panel

Thanks to Nadia, who was live-tweeting from Tyler’s panel on Saturday on the Tyler Hoechlin Online twitter account.  Before the panel, we asked him if he were a crayon, what color would he be. He said he would be red, even though his favorite color is green. 

“It took one question!” On Tyler getting asked about leaving Teen Wolf

Tyler is talking about his two independent films, and how excited he is about them.

Which character that died on Teen Wolf would you bring back? Tyler: Allison

He likes that Allison’s death brought Derek and Chris Argent together

Tyler says Derek’s evolution was him finding exactly who he was supposed to be and that caused the transformation. 

“Derek found his purpose without forcing it. Like when he was the alpha.” – Tyler

Cutest relationship on set? Posey and Dylan

“I can’t say Derek is coming back. I can’t say he’s not coming back.” – Tyler

Favorite moment BTS “Scaring Dylan with Posey in S1.”

He says in the finales when everyone was on set, and it gets a little crazy. But it’s like a family.

Any characters to take to a deserted island 1) Khalessi 2) Frank Underwood 3) Daryl Dixon 4) Chandler 5) Buffy/Xena

Best baseball movie, “Field of Dreams when I’m a dad. Bull Durham now.”

Dream role “Something you’ve never done before. Good directors. You know when you see em’.”

Baseball Position: short stop Baseball Team: Oakland A’s (changes every 6 months) Memory: Playing against LSU in super regionals in 2008 (you can find the video of this in our videos tab!)

Do you have fear of getting injured doing crazy things? “Sharks yes, while surfing.” He wants a jet board for surfing ON THE LAKE, no sharks

Derek Hale any super power? “The ability to heal, cause he needs it REALLY BADLY! Paramount of needs for Derek.”

Job instead of acting? 1) baseball player or coach 2) Construction

For the apocalypse what skills does each cast member have to help you? Stiles determination to fix a problem, and think outside the box

Con’t: Scott’s loyalty, and Peter will out snark the apocalypse.

Incredible learning experience and get to watch Tom Hanks. He would want to relive filming Road To Perdition.

If Derek Hale was in House Stark what would the dire wolf’s name would be? Girl named Haley because of Hale

He changed it to Haley and Stark, because a Stark has to live. Boy and girl

Saw that Saints agree to trade Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks and he fell on the floor. He just sat on the floor, so bitter.

“The only plays I ever did were in elementary school. Did a King Arthur play maybe? SWORDS AND SHIELDS were involved.”

Hoechlin himself advice to Scott/Stiles/Lydia. First “You won’t miss him that much.” “keep each other’s back. Stay loyal scott.”

“Stiles, I still don’t like you but we’re better now. Lydia, tone down the screaming.” – Tyler

Do you take Colton’s fashion advice? “Not always. But I’ve gotten better so he doesn’t comment as much.”

Told story about Colton completely dissing his outfit in season 2 when they went out to dinner.

The nutritional part is more important than working out. That ruined Hoechlin’s life. Pizza is awesome/pasta is awesome/bread is really good

Favorite character to play “Derek and McReynolds the character he’s playing in his new film.” Least favorite: Grizzly Rage (I DIDNT SAY IT)

Tyler the superhero he’d want to play is Batman. RDJ revolutionized Iron Man, most believable human in those stories. He’s pretty rad.

Derek would bring back Jackson. Based on humor factor.

Most painful beat up for Hoechlin? Dylan actually hitting him in the elevator and making his nose bleed.

“I’m the weird one. ” – Tyler on posting his toenail on Twitter when it fell off.

Tyler would love to do a bio pic

Tyler was also asked by Attoliancrown what Game of Thrones house and what Hogwarts house he would be in. He answered that both he and Derek would be House Stark, and Tyler would be a Sytherin, because he’s very ambitious. 

We had a great time chatting with Tyler about sports, ‘Teen Wolf’, his career, future roles, paparazzi, fake accounts, and twitter. Can’t wait to do it again!


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