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Cheer Across America Project @Trigirl1415


Lori Hoechlin, Tyler’s amazing mother, will be participating in Race Across America (RAAM) in June 2014. She and Team Skipper will be competing as a 4-person mixed over 50 team and trying their hardest to beat the current record. Lori is an avid cycler who pedaled over 14,000 miles in 2013, but RAAM is a grueling week-long race that begins in Oceanside, California and ends in Annapolis, Maryland covering almost 3000 miles and climbing over 170,000 vertical feet. She and her team are going to need all of the encouragement and support they can get. 

That’s where all of us come in! 

We have created a Cheer Across America page where you can leave messages of encouragement and support for Lori and Team Skipper. You can make signs, photos or graphics to post to the page, or you can leave words, quotes, or inspiring verses. Please read the rules before you post! EVERYONE can participate. This project is called ‘Cheer Across America’ but it is open to EVERYONE! You can start leaving your messages now as Lori and her team train for the race, but we’d really like to have an abundance of messages during the actual race which will begin June 13th and last for about 7 days.  We will try to update her location along the route as often as possible. 

Note: We are in contact with Lori, and she WILL see every message that is sent for her as long as the rules are followed. 



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