Tyler to appear on Wolf Watch finale

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Tyler will be appearing on ‘Wolf Watch’ with Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis after the Season 3b finale, ‘The Divine Move’ on March 24th.


Episode 3.23- Insatiable Extended Promo

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The Geekiary and Fans Applaud Tyler

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After Monday night’s episode, ‘De-Void’, fans took to social media to express their excitement about Tyler’s performance. While we, along with many of his fans, already knew of the talent that Tyler possesses, it was wonderful to finally see him given the material to show that talent on the show. We all love broody, grumpy, serious Derek Hale, but watching Tyler transform into a psychotic, possessed, unhinged version of our favorite werewolf was beautiful.  The Geekiary has a great article about their and the fans reactions.

Tyler Hoechlin finally got the chance to do more than just walk around in uncomfortably tight pants with a frown on his face and he knocked it out of the park! Fans decided that it was about time he understood that although we enjoy looking at him, it’s actually his performance that makes us love Derek Hale. It was just so lovely to watch as my Twitter feed filled with my fellow fans complimenting Tyler Hoechlin not on his abs but on his acting abilities.

Read the full article here.

We hope that Tyler knows just how much we, and the rest of his fans, appreciate him. His talent, his personality, his kindness, his passion are what keep us begging for more. His looks are just a bonus 😉

KUCI Radio Interviews Tyler

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KUCI Radio- The Blue & Gold Report (UC-Irvine’s Student Athlete interview show) spoke with Tyler on February 25th.

You can listen to the full interview below:


 Find out more about KUCI- The Blue and Gold Report

Don’t Forget! Hollywood Knights game on Saturday

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As we previously reported, Tyler will hosting and playing in the Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball game at his alma mater, Santiago High School in Corona, California this Saturday night, March 15th. The game starts at 6:00pm, but we advise getting there early to get good seats! You can find out how to purchase tickets here.  Proceeds will benefit the Santiago High School Senior class. 

Tyler has played with the Hollywood Knights for several years, including last February at Santiago High. You can find photos from that event, as well as previous games, in our gallery.  Last year, Tyler’s team beat the faculty team. Let’s hope he comes out the winner again this time!

Photo Credit: Ellensama


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