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Tyler: on Derek in tonight’s episode

The folks at E!Online have given us 5 things that we can look forward to in tonight’s episode. One of those things is Tyler getting to stretch his acting chops with a side of Derek we’ve never seen before. 

This week shows off some serious acting chops from pretty much everyone and even includes some cast members’ personal proudest moments. You may have caught a glimpse in the promo of Derek going a little crazy on Mr. Argent. “Crazy” is a side of Derek we don’t often see and Tyler Hoechlin says it was just as much fun to do as it is to watch. “It was really the first time that Derek ever really just let loose and didn’t follow any kind of rules or anything. To really go in and just kind of let everything go was really fun.”

Source: E!Online

And as we stated earlier, tonight’s episode is one that Tyler has said is one of his favorites. He posted this tweet tonight.


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