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Teen Wolf Set Visit

On Friday, I got the amazing opportunity to tour the set of MTV’s Teen Wolf as the personal guest of one of the cast members. Being such a huge fan of the show, you can imagine how excited and honored I was (am) to be given this privilege. I received permission to post some the photos that I took, but don’t worry, there are NO SPOILERS! I can’t and won’t say anything in addition to what you see here, but I will most definitely say that the cast, and especially the crew of this show are simply wonderful. They are talented and friendly, and it was easy to see how they really are all one big family. There was an evident camaraderie that I doubt is common at many workplaces. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.  – Betsy


The halls of Beacon Hills High School. This photo is taken through the double doors that Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien swing on in the outtakes video for Season 3a. 

Of course, we had to visit the boys locker room.


We visited the Argent’s apartment, and I had a peek into Allison’s closet.


The Nemeton is ENORMOUS, so it’s stored in several large pieces until it’s camera-ready. (That’s Alpha Contest Winner- Devon peeking over the roots!)


My favorite place, Derek’s Loft, which is just fascinating to see in person. Someone was napping on Derek’s bed, so I didn’t get a picture of that 😉


Some other sets I was able to see: Coach’s office, Kira’s bedroom, the McCall house, the hospital, and the place that is a must if you stay in Beacon Hills for any length of time…. the MORGUE!





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