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Just Jared, Jr. Interview

During their whirlwind trip to NYC, Tyler and his castmates, Tyler Posey and Holland Roden sat down with Just Jared, Jr to dish about what’s currently happening in Beacon Hills.

JJJ: So first things first. That scene with Scott and Stiles’ killed us. They share a nice moment (and bro hug) at the hospital.

Tyler Posey: Ah, yes. This is such a good episode!

Tyler Hoechlin: It’s like Joey and Chandler.

TP: It’s like Dylan and Tyler.

JJJ: Hah! So now that Stiles is dark, how do the characters even go about handling this situation, where your enemy is also one of your best friends?

TH: It’s an intense conflict. That’s something we all have to deal with for the rest of the season is the idea of, “What are we attacking and what are we saving?” Are we saving a friend or a monster?

Holland Roden: And do you give up one or the other? It’s the Jekyll and Hyde. Do you kill the friend to kill the monster?

TH: Do you kill someone you care about to save many, or do you try to save everyone and possibly fail miserably? That’s going to be the conflict for a lot of people.

TP: It’s the root to everyone’s arc this season – what the hell do we do about Stiles? That’s what this season should be called – “What the hell, Stiles?”

JJJ: As for Lydia, she has a lot of abilities the others don’t have. Not to mention, she’s close with Stiles too. Will she be instrumental in helping him?

HR: I think she’s really on board to be the Carmen SanDiego of the bunch. She really does want to solve crime and kick ass. Her partner in crime is sort of MIA right now, that being Stiles. She’s not sure whether to trust him or not. I think after this episode, it’s safe to say…it’s off camera that I technically find out. We all start to find out as an audience that he’s up to no good.

JJ: Meanwhile, Derek is teaching Scott the tricks of the trade of being a leader. Will we see any power struggles between these two, or has Derek accepted Scott’s role as the Alpha?

TH: I personally don’t see a power struggle in the Scott/Derek relationship anymore. I think they’ve both very much accepted who each other is, as a person or a werewolf in the pack. They both have a mutual respect for each other at this point. Derek has had a really important realization in that he’s not an Alpha. That’s not his role. I think he’s recognized that his role is exactly what it was in the beginning with Scott, which was the student/teacher kind of thing. I can pass on knowledge that I have. It’s like “those who can’t do, teach.” Because Derek can’t be an Alpha. It’s not his purpose and that’s not what he’s meant to be. Scott is a True Alpha and that’s his purpose in life as leader of the pack. So I can help make him stronger through the wisdom and knowledge that Derek has, but I don’t think there’s going to be a power struggle or anything. That’s the role Derek has accepted.

JJJ: Aiden and Ethan have been trying to get in everyone’s good graces. Have they succeeded? Will there become a time where everyone can forgive what they did to Boyd and trust the twins 100 percent? And will different characters have different opinions on this subject?

HR: That’s their main arc this season, is can they be trusted? I think you’ll get that answer. There’s a different outcome I think [for each twin]. It sort of defines the twins individually as people on the show. Aiden vs. Ethan. They definitely have different destinies.

TH: But I think people will begin to see them in the same way, for the most part. Everyone comes to a common view on them and what they’re true character is. It will be interesting, but it will definitely be answered.

TP: And in there case, there’s been so much f-cked up sh-t that’s happened in Beacon Hills. Like, Derek used to mess with Scott all the time. But now he trusts him and he forgave him. I think it’s kind of that scenario. They did a horrible thing, horrible, but that’s kind of the way this world works that we’re living in. I think in Scott’s case at least, it will work itself out in that way.

JJJ: We are loving Scott and Kira’s relationship. And Allison is busy with Issac. After their momentary glance at the rave a few episodes ago, is it safe to say Scott and Allison are over each other?

TP: That was Scott asking in a way and Allison confirming that this is okay, we can friends and have our own relationships. At this point, Scott’s mind is way preoccupied to really give a sh-t about this. I think at this point, he’s definitely over Allison and knows that it’s just a friendship. He has Kira. And he’s seeing things work out in a different way than just being together. So I think everyone is on board for Allison and Isaac.

HR: I like how in a lot of teen dramas, if that were to happen, it would be a really intense thing, but they sort of make a joke out of it. It’s sort of a fun angle that they play. It’s like comedic relief.

TP: Yeah, we make it as light-hearted as possible because he has a lot of other stuff going on, so it’s not a big issue for anybody.

JJJ: We have to ask, because fans are still very invested in Stiles and Derek’s “friendship,” but it looks like they may be on a break now that Stiles is…well, you know.

TH: I think the Stiles and Derek relationship, in the same way that Derek has come to trust Scott a little more, I think Derek has come to giving Stiles a little bit more credit for what he’s been able to contribute, all of the things that they’ve gone through, and how instrumental he’s been. You’ll probably see a lot more concern from Derek than you would have in the first two or three seasons where he would have been like, “Just kill him…because I don’t like him anyway…and it’s an easy reason to get him out of here.” I think you’ll actually see a little bit more concern and care from Derek.

JJJ: Nice! And finally, at this point in the season, if you could give your characters a little piece of advice, what would it be?

TP: Be careful who you trust, Scott. Because your homies ain’t your homies no more.

HR: Stop dating bad boys.

TH: Help more. Be more helpful (laughs). Win a fight.

HR: Stop glaring!

TH: He stopped the glaring. I feel like it’s toned down a bit.

JJJ: Yeah, we think Derek’s warmed up a tad…compared to last season at least.

TH: I think that’s one of my favorite things about Derek this season is that I feel like he’s actually made a lot of progress. He’s dealt with a lot of things and I think seeing his open-mindedness to new things this year.

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