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Could Tyler Play Nightwing?

According to Andrew Dyce on, Tyler is in his Top 5 Actors who could play Nightwing (aka Dick Grayson aka Robin) in ‘Batman vs. Superman’.

After splashing onto the Hollywood scene in his co-starring role as Tom Hanks’ son in Road to Perdition, Tyler Hoechlin’s career has likely been missed by many blockbuster movie fans. But with looks that are admittedly hard to forget, and one of the anchors of MTV’s surprisingly good Teen Wolf, Hoechlin’s name was one of the most supported when a new Batman was being cast.

Snyder turned out be looking for a much older Wayne, but while that eliminated Hoechlin from the running, it also means he’s a much better fit for Dick Grayson. He’s got the size and build required (put on regular display in his ongoing werewolf role), and at 26, straddles the line between a younger or older Grayson.

If Snyder intends to use Grayson as a foil to Wayne, then casting an actor who seems cut from Affleck’s cloth would be unwise. Hoechlin has the fans, the looks, and awaits mainstream ‘name’ status. We’ll see if WB feels the same.

Source: ScreenRant

And from a November 2013 article,  James Garcia on also thinks Tyler could play Nightwing

Tyler Hoechlin was one of the names on the shortlist to play Bruce Wayne in BVS, but Snyder ultimately turned him down because they were looking for a much older Caped Crusader. The 26 year-old may not have been the right fit for that part, but is definitely right for the role of Dick Grayson.

He first came onto the scene as Tom Hank’s son in Road to Perdition, then landed the role of Martin Brewer in 7th Heaven, which he played from 2003 to 2007. He did a few film gigs after that but is probably best known for his current role of Derek Hale on MTV’s hit show, Teen Wolf.

His role as a werewolf week to week shows he’s got the size and build for Nightwing, and has the rough, handsome looks required for the part. He also stands as a good counterpoint to Affleck, which could prove beneficial when playing a former sidekick who seems to be on the outs with his old mentor.



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5 Comments on “Could Tyler Play Nightwing?”

    1. I think the best we can do it tweet about it to the Director. Try this ” #HoechlinForNightwing @ZackSnyder @WarnerBrosEnt @wbpictures @tylerl_hoechlin ” and get as many people to RT as possible 🙂

  1. As a huge Nightwing fan, I was taken aback to see Hoechlin as a possible candidate, but I’m not opposed and warm to the idea as I type.

  2. Ehm… are you seriously considering petitioning for Tyler to get the role? Seriously?

    While I don’t understand why he’s not had any major/leading role yet (he’s awesome in every sense I can think of), he and only he can be architect of his own success. Well, his agent can play a role in the thing, too, you know…

    Believing in him: that’s what we can do.

    1. We aren’t petitioning for anything. All we are doing is encouraging people to show the director and TPTB that fans are interested in him. Any time we can draw attention to him is a positive thing. You are welcome to support Tyler in any way you like. I think it’s clear that we already believe in him.

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