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Jeff Davis Talks Derek in Season 3b

Jeff Davis chatted with Jim Halterman recently about what we can expect in Season 3b, premiering tonight at 10pm (eastern) on MTV.  Here’s a snippet of what he had to say about Derek.

TVF: Where is Derek in all this since he left at the end of last season?

JD: His journey is finding his place. He’s a kind of failed leader. He’s wondering what is he supposed to do now. I think we took him from a kind of bad guy in the first season to morally on the fence by the end of the first season, to bad guy again in the beginning of the second season, a rival pack to Scott to a hero in season 3A in the first half of our season three.

This is our chance to make him a real hero in 3B. I like the idea that characters change in the course of serialized TV. What the real challenge for the characters is can they live up to that change, can they keep it or do they fall back? We’re going to see if Derek can maintain that change that he’s made into a hero.

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We don’t know about you, but we are excited to see what happens with Derek the remainder of this season, but we sure hope that ‘hero’ doesn’t translate to ‘dead’ in Jeff’s mind. 

Source: TV Fanatic

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