Tyler and Ian Attend John Varvatos Book Launch

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Last night, Tyler and Ian Bohen attended the book launch for John Varvatos’ new book, “John Varvatos: Rock In Fashion.” We have added several pictures of Tyler at the event to our gallery. Click the thumbnails below for more.



Source: Getty Images, Tumblr

Tyler and Teen Wolf Make TV Guide Magazine Hot List

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TV Guide Magazine released their annual Hot List, and ‘Teen Wolf’ is listed as Hot and Hairy. They included this small photo and article. 

Source: Teen Wolf Daily


Linden and Tyler Go Surfing

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Yesterday, Linden Ashby tweeted about his long day on the set of Season 3b of ‘Teen Wolf’ with J.R. Bourne, Crystal Reed and Tyler. 

Linden Tweets 2


Today we find out that a day of surfing was just what they needed to relax after that shoot, and Tyler caught ‘an absolute BOMB!’ Sadly, there was no camera in sight, but thankfully, we have Linden to tweet us all about it.

Linden Tweets

Linden Tweets 1



 We’re happy to hear that Tyler is working on ‘Teen Wolf’ AND enjoying his time off. 

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