Hoechlin/Haynes Photo War

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Anyone who follows Colton Haynes on Instagram or Twitter knows Colton loves teasing Tyler about Derek’s likeness to Grumpy Cat.

On Friday, Colton decided to take his teasing back a few years and posted this adorable screencap of Tyler performing in Disney Sing-A-Long Songs- Happy Haunting (1998).

@Coltonlhaynes I’m Riskin My Friendship/Life By Postin This. #Fbf @Tylerl_hoechlin I’m So Mean But I Had To. :) He’s Gonna Kill Me


It seemed as if Colton was enjoying his latest jab at his friend.

Colton tweet1


But finally… Tyler retaliated with this fantastic driver’s license picture of Colton.

@Tylerl_hoechlin- Happy Haircut @Coltonlhaynes … You Asked For This.


Colton took it well though.

Colton tweet2


We have to give this round to Hoechlin, but we can’t wait to see what happens next in this prank war! Will Mama Hoechlin stand by her son, or will she give Colton more ammunition? Stay Tuned!



Dylan Talks With GamerHubTV About Tyler

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While at NYCC, GamerHubTV asked Dylan about video gaming on set. He had a great answer about Tyler in Season 1.

Thanks to OnehaleofaWolf who posted this on tumblr!

Hollywood Knights to Play Again at Santiago High

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Hollywood Knights International has announced that they will be holding another Celebrity Basketball Game at Santiago High School in Corona, CA on March 15, 2014. 

Tyler, who graduated from Santiago High School, hosted and played in the celebrity game at SHS in February 2013. We don’t have confirmation that Tyler will be playing in March, but we are fairly certain he will barring any work commitments. We will update as soon as we know more. 

You can find photos of the 2013 event in our gallery along with other celebrity games that Tyler has played in with the Hollywood Knights.  Find out more about this charity here.

Ian Bohen Shares Thoughts About Tyler

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Nicole from myFanbase got an exclusive interview with Ian Bohen (Peter Hale) which was posted this weekend. He answered some questions about Peter which referenced his relationship to Derek, but he had this fun answer about Tyler. 

Your TV nephew Tyler Hoechlin seems to be a person who’s really down-to-earth, he seems genuinely happy, humble and approachable, so on first look it seems he and Derek don’t have much in common. What would you say, are there any qualities that Tyler and Derek share? 

They’re both very passionate about what they’re doing. To the point of competitive, and a need to succeed. Losing / failure doesn’t sit well with either. Also, I’m nearly certain each of them spends the same amount of time getting ready to go out. About an hour and 10 minutes.

You can read the rest of the interview here

Tyler in Haylie Duff’s New Cookbook

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In November 2012, Tyler posted a picture on his Instagram of him eating samples from Haylie Duff’s cookbook “The Real Girl’s Kitchen.” The cookbook has now been released, and we have a great scan of Tyler from it. We agree with Haylie. “Bacon wrapped dates never looked so…. handsome.”


Source: Tumblr and Instagram


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