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Tyler Hoechlin Online would like to wish Tyler a very happy 26th birthday! We hope he has a fantastic day filled with happiness and laughter. We are thankful for the opportunity to run a fansite for such a polite, friendly, talented, handsome man. Here’s to many more years of success!

We would like to thank all of the fans who participated in our Birthday Project for Tyler this year. We had 1515 fans join the photo mosaic project by following either our twitter or tumblr accounts, and we think the finished product is beautiful! We used those icons to create a photo mosaic of Tyler’s first college baseball hit. The high res image was printed to a 20×20 poster size and is on its way to Tyler, if it hasn’t already reached him. In the printed version, you can see all of the little icons. We are assured by the software company that all icons are used at least once, so please don’t get upset with us if you can’t find your icon. (I still haven’t managed to find my personal icon, and I’ve been looking for two weeks!)

For the second part of our birthday project, we collected birthday wishes from fans in our birthday wishbook. Click on the banner below to read all of the wonderful, sweet messages. We will be printing all of the wishes and sending them to Tyler.



Again, thank you to everyone who participated and helped us celebrate Tyler’s birthday. We are certain that he appreciates all of the love and support that you continuously show him.

Keep checking Tyler Hoechlin Online for all your Tyler Hoechlin news!

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