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Pivot Questionnaire with Wolfsbane Guests

Thanks to onehaleofawolf on tumblr for compiling all of this, and thanks to everyone who live-tweeted for those of us who couldn’t be there.

Pivot Questionnaire – same Qs for all guests at panel [x]
1 What is your favorite word?
2 What is your least favorite word?
3 What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
4 What turns you off?
5 What is your favorite curse word?
6 What sound or noise do you love?
7 What sound or noise do you hate?
8 What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
9 What professtion would you not like to do?
10 If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

? Panel time. Pivot questionnaire, whatever that is.
? It’s rapid fire, so I’ll try to keep up
? Q1 is favourite word.
? L – serendipity. M – yay! T – savvy. Jr – shipping. K – more Danny. S – flirtatious. Linden – yes. Tyler – bonsoir. [fav word]
? JR’s fav word is shipping.
? L – moist. M – you’re wrong. T – can’t. Jr – no. K – nein. S – babe. Linden – license and registration please [turn ons]
? Melissa’s least favorite word is “you’re wrong”. Tyler’s “can’t”. Sinqua’s “babe”. Linden’s “your license and registration. [least fav word]
? Not even 5mins and JR is already being dirty. Bless him
? JR: Who’s moist?
? L – strong willed women. M – being in a happy moment. T – inspiring good things and positivity. Jr – conversations unplanned [turn ons]
? K – timeless moments. Feel energy. S – intellect, passion, drive. Linden – talent. [turn ons]
? “Talent is the sexiest thing in the world” – Linden
? Tyler – talent is amazing, be proud of what you can do
? L – moist. Fakeness. M – mean to someone I love. T – closemindedness and intolerance. Not cool. Jr – bullying. [turn offs]
? Close mindless and intolerance turn Hoechlin off. Bless.
? K – prejudice. Inequality. S – dishonesty. Linden – stupidity. [turn offs]
? Keahu’s turn off is intolerance, that’s why he loves playing Danny.
? L – fuck. Shit. M – hell fucking you. Her brother said it. T – fuck. Jr – cuntybollocks. Tyler is in bits. [fav curse word]
? Favorite curse word. There’s a kid in the room and Linden is so distressed haha
? Tyler just hit Keahu with the mic
? K – fuckoff. S – doesn’t swear. Says damn a lot. Tyler – sinqua’s curse word is “… Ok”
? “I said cunty bollocks!” – JR Bourne :’)))))
? Linden likes all curse words. When kids around, says a made up word. So cute.
? Tyler just imitated Sinqua and accidentally hit Keahu. Omg
? Q6. (Not sex…) Fav sound or noise.
? L – cheering fans. M – ice cream truck. T – rushing water. Jr – the word yes. Ocean waves. K – dog snuffling noise
? Melissa’s fav sound is an ice cream truck. Tyler’s water running, ocean. Keahu just did the sound of his dog omggg
? JR’s fav sound is “yes” and the ocean. Sinqua’s people laughing!
? S – people laughing. Linden – good waves
? L – Miley Cyrus. M – sirens. T – nails on chalkboard. JR – accident, crash [least fav noise]
? K – wind chimes. Linden made the sound of moist. M – drop the mike! [least fav noise]
? Melissa hates the sound of sirens because she knows someone got hurt. :’)
? Linden just made a “moist” sound because JR gave him 20 bucks for it omg
? S – phone ringing in the morning. Linden – cats fucking in the middle of the night. [least fav noise]
? Tyler is making the cat noise
? Linden’s least fav sound is cats fucking, Tyler just tried to make the sound and JR gave him 20$ #dies
? Q8. Other profession? L – porn star. Jr – have you ever watched porn? That word you hate….
? If stephen wasn’t an “actor” he’d be a pornstar, JR – “have you ever seen porn?”
? “We can build a house together.” “Together?..” JR to Tyler. Melissa draw a little heart
? K – astronaut. S – paeds doctor. Linden – bird.
? If Linden wasn’t an actor, he’d be a bird. The best bird. Championship bird.
? Tyler and JR are going into business together. Building a house. Or a ship 😉
? JR and Tyler can’t stop talking about their plans to build a house together while Sinqua talks.
? Q9. Profession not want. L – henchman in bond movie. M – having to fire anyone. T – desk job. Or jr’s speech therapist.
? Jr – accountant. K – an Argent. Sewage worker. S – portaloo cleaner. Linden – kids oncologist.
? Linden would hate to be a children’s oncologist #feels
? Q10. God say when you die? L – sorry you died in tw. M – you made mom v proud. T – it was close but you can come in.
? Jr – we’re all here. K – red pill or blue pill. S – let me check again… Linden – dude!
? They keep daring each other do things and passing along a 20£ bill.
? Keahu just won 40£! Lol
? Omg JR keeps giving 20$ to the best answer. I’m dying
? “The blue or the red one?” What Keahu would like to hear when he goes to heaven
? Sinqua – dude! Lunsford’s here too!
? It’s official, going out for a couple of beers is like the in joke of the Con.
? Closing ceremony. They’re coming on stage one by one. Don’t want it to be over. ? Keahu: “don’t hide your talent. You’re all amazing. Thank you!”
? Linden didn’t know what to expect before coming but he’s been truly touched by this experience. :’)
? “Thank you for the bottom of my heart for teaching me about shipping!” – JR Bourne
? “Be proud of who you are and what you do.” Hoechlin.
? Oh god Melissa was crying when we all stood up from our seats to clap #tooemotional
? Aww my god, that closing ceremony was so touching, there were so many people crying in the audience!
? I did a dragon heart when Tyler was leaving & he pointed at me and smiled. I can’t even.

Bless all the lovely people who tweeted live! ?

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