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Doug Jones Chats Season 3b

Doug Jones, who will be appearing in the second half of Season 3 of ‘Teen Wolf’ attended DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend, and we got the chance to chat with him.

Here are a few things that he could tell us about his appearance:

  • He appears in Episode 3.15
  • The episode is titled “Galvanize”
  • His character is named William Barrow, and he’s a known killer with a rough past.
  • His interaction with a certain character will help us learn something new about that character and help to further their storyline.
  • He couldn’t tell us the character, but said that it wasn’t Tyler, and for us to stop asking because he wasn’t telling anymore! lol


About his time on set:

  • He said that Tyler Hoechlin was really nice and so good-looking. More handsome in person, so much so that he wanted to ask him “How are you real?”
  • The entire cast and crew are fantastic to work with, everyone was fun and happy and it was one of the best experiences he’s ever had on a set. He said it was a very friendly and accepting place.
  • Holland Roden just ‘talk, talk, talks all of time and is just the sweetest thing.’
  • Posey was very nice and he and Dylan are great together.
  • Dylan was very funny.
  • I asked if he worked with Linden, and he told us a great story about how he and Linden starred in their very first movies together. It was a movie called, ‘Night Angel’ and Linden got to play the handsome young love-interest, and he was the dorky sidekick. he was essentially Linden’s ‘Stiles.’ Working on ‘Teen Wolf’ with Linden was the first time he had seen him in 25 years.


About taking a picture with us:

  • He said “we have to take our shirts off, right? Isn’t it the rule for this show that all pictures have to be shirtless?” When we said except for Dylan, because Stiles never goes shirtless, he said “Why is that? Because I can tell you he is very well built.” At one point on the set, he grabbed Dylan’s bicep, then ran his hand down to his elbow and told Dylan, “You’re too built to be a geeky kid!”


He was SO sweet and nice. Called us all ‘sweet puppies’, rubbed our faces, and gave amazing hugs . We have decided that after meeting him, it will be almost impossible to dislike his character.  Can’t wait for January!

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