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Tyler Chats With The Backlot About Teen Wolf Summer Finale

The Backlot has a great interview with Tyler and Jeff Davis about the Season 3 Summer finale. 

TheBacklot: Derek’s always been kind of a lone wolf, so to speak, but this season he had his sister, Peter and also Scott and the gang. How do you think that has changed him?

Tyler Hoechlin: I think going back all the way to season one when he really was kind of a lone wolf he was so focused on his one goal, which was revenge and now I think it has kind of turned to where he’s looking at different goals now. I think he wants to be the lone wolf. I think he works well that way but I am not sure that is exactly what he wants, but [in] season 3, I feel like it had kind of taken a toll on him. He felt a lot of pressure, just having that many people around him and kind of counting on him.

TBL:I loved the final Jennifer vs Deucalion with Scott and Derek by their sides. Even how Deucalion said, ‘it’s like brother against brother.’

Jeff Davis:  It’s funny because Gideon loved that line. ‘How very American’ and he did it perfectly. It’s always fun to see enemies and certain people become allies out of necessity because of the danger in the moment and I think that adds to the drama.

TBL: Do you think the relationship with Jennifer kind of threw Derek off his game a little bit, whereas maybe he was making choices that he normally wouldn’t?

TH: Yeah. I think at any time you have something like that, I mean it could be a great thing where things go well, and when they don’t, you kind of look back and realize it was a bit of a distraction. So, I guess he was blinded by it. I don’t know if he would have picked up on it had he not been with her, but I definitely think that, you know, those feelings, you know, love is blind, and that can happen to you.

TBL: Scott and Derek’s journey has been just as important as any others. Since Derek leaves at the end, does that signify that Scott is going to be on his own? No longer leaning on Derek?

JD: He certainly is going to be alone for a little bit and he needs to be a leader of his own pack. Derek, in his own way, has ended a chapter here. For me, the theme of Derek for this season was the idea that his power is truly to endure. You can throw anything at him – and that’s why we put the flashbacks in – you can throw anything at Derek and he will survive. He endures. He always endures and I think he really becomes a hero in this last episode.

And when he says, No, he won’t kill Deucalion it seems like such a good moment for the character. He’s a predator but he doesn’t have to be a killer. His mother’s words, which he repeated to Scott, actually, in the first season. It feels like we’re ending a chapter of his story as well and he now has the capacity to put aside his moral ambiguity and become a true hero in a way. Where Scott had to learn how to become a true Alpha, Derek had to learn and become a true hero.

TBL: With the Jennifer/Kali backstory, I couldn’t help but think that maybe they were lovers in the past.

JD: That was written into it. We wanted to keep it a little bit ambiguous and allow some things. I don’t like answering all the questions and I like keeping some ambiguity to it. I loved the Breaking Bad story when we thought Gus’s business partner was his lover and I like the fact that they didn’t confirm it for us. It’s interesting to play with those things. Jennifer is certainly deeply in love with Derek but she could just as easily have been in love with Kali, as well.

TBL: Was there ever any talk about killing off the parents or did you always know that our group would save them?

JD: We never talked about killing them. I love those guys but Melissa Ponzio (Scott’s mother) was certain that she was going to die, which shocked me, actually. The original plan was to have Deucalion die and, actually, to have the twins die but we started liking the twins so much that we were trying to figure out if they could come back. Some of these decisions, to be honest, are made for pure business reasons. Sometimes you kill people off because you know you’re never going to get them back. Sometimes we can be certain that they’ll come back for maybe an episode.

TBL: We see them holding hands together at the end but are Ethan and Danny going to be together for awhile?

JD: We have some very interesting stuff [in 3B]. Their relationship definitely evolves and you begin to see some dramatic conflict grow out of it, yes. I would not give up on that. I’m very happy with that scene in the motel [in episode 306] and the way it came out. I thought they had real chemistry, a spark. That last moment [in the finale] when they’re holding hands in the hallway…which is a scene I directed. Sometimes on the shoots we have to split up second unit work and that was one of the scenes it was nice to direct in the finale. I remember panning from Lydia and Aiden to Ethan and Danny and I was selling it as completely normal for the world.

Teen Wolf returns with the second half of Season 3 in January on MTV.

Source: The Backlot

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  1. ur the best tyler and my fave out of all the characters yet I do love the rest of the team its my most fave show the best can’t wate for episode 13 in season 3

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