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Jeff Davis Answers Some Burning Questions About Season 3b

ETOnline posted a short interview with Jeff Davis after the stellar summer finale last night where he answered a few burning questions about what we can expect when the show returns in  January for the winter season.  Thankfully, he addressed Derek’s fate, since we were all left worrying when Derek left Beacon Hills with Cora at the end of the episode. 

ETonline: The episode ended with Peter declaring his Alpha status. Has he been one all along?
Jeff Davis: Actually, it’s in his own mind. What he’s doing is claiming his rightful place at the throne. He’s declaring his intent to get that power back, so he’s kind of a master manipulator — the Iago to Derek’s Othello, which is how we plotted this whole season. We wanted to take Derek to a dark place, keep hammering him down, so Peter could rise up on his back and you’d see his machinations come to play. It’s fun to play that drama, and to play that Machiavellian maneuvering. Peter is mostly intent on gaining his pride and status back.

ETonline: So will Peter be the winter season’s big bad?
Davis: I wouldn’t call him the big bad, but he is certainly an antagonist.

ETonline: Jennifer implied that Peter would be going after Scott’s Alpha status. Will he?
Davis: Peter may find that Scott is a more powerful ally and needs him … or he may go after him. I like the idea that he might go after Scott. That remains to be seen.

ETonline: You also said that Lydia’s relationship with Peter will be a big part of the winter season. How so?
Davis: Oh yeah! You’re going to find out a lot of secrets about their relationship, what Peter’s bite actually meant for Lydia, and how they’re connected. There’s a lot left to explore there, but the writers were talking about where to place that story when we were breaking the summer season, which needed to focus on Derek and Scott, so we played this one to the side for a bit so we can pay more attention to it in the winter season. Right now, we’re breaking an episode that deals with their relationship head on, and I think fans are going to love it.

ETonline: Speaking of Lydia, now that we know she’s a banshee, what’s next?
Davis: You’ll see her learn how to control it, find out what it means to actually be a banshee and how the scream plays into it. It’s a little bit of X-Men/superhero stuff, but we’re going to keep it grounded within the context of our world.

ETonline: Does this also allow for you guys to have Lydia working alongside Scott, Allison and the group to solve all the upcoming mysteries?
Davis: Yeah, absolutely. And it’s going to create difficulties between Lydia and Aiden because she’s going to see herself as one of the good guys; someone who can do something good with her powers, whereas Aiden has typically been bad. She’s going to say to him, “I’m a good guy, you’re a bad guy and I don’t think I should be with you.” That’s a big conflict for her — especially once she becomes more powerful.

ETonline: What will Aiden and Ethan’s role in the winter season be now that they have no pack and no real reason to be in Beacon Hills?
Davis: They’re going to need a new pack. One of the difficulties is they don’t have a good reputation, so they are going to be in need of protection, which will lead them to seek out the help of Scott and Lydia.

ETonline: We also saw Ethan and Danny holding hands in the closing moments — what does the future hold for their relationship?
Davis: Their relationship will certainly evolve, and it starts to affect everything. I can say that it may not end happily for one of them.

ETonline: That closing shot — which paired off Lydia and Aiden and Danny and Ethan — also implied Isaac and Allison would be getting more serious next year. 
Davis: They’re going to be feeling it out for a few episodes. They won’t rush into anything; we have some funny scenes in the first few episodes … before we bring you into the dark. What I loved about this ending is that in high school, you do have different kinds of relationships. You break up, you get back together, you date other people — but the constant is your friends, and Scott will always have Stiles, so I liked that we got to have that moment in the end. Yes, Scott is single, but he’s still got his friends and the people he loves are still in his life, it’s just in a different way now.

ETonline: I can’t imagine Isaac living with Scott while dating his ex is particularly comfortable …
Davis: It’s going to be impossible, and it’s addressed right in the first episode through some funny scenes.

ETonline: At the same time, Scott will obviously be busy. Does being an Alpha change him?
Davis: Quite a bit. You’re going to see, over the first few episodes, Scott struggling with his new identity. He’s confident in his werewolf abilities, but, sort of, back to being a normal teenager in high school, which is a strange process for him. And he’ll lose his confidence — we’re working on a great character arc for him that will show all those progressions.

ETonline: Derek left town in the finale. Why?
Davis: Well, I love great entrances [and] I love people returning. But he’s actually going off on a separate mission. Derek goes to get something — something that is particularly important to his family.

ETonline: At Comic-Con you revealed the winter season will involve a kitsune — a shapeshifting trickster fox. What else can you say?
Davis: That’s going to be very, very important. Without saying too much, there are some new monsters coming into the fold of Beacon Hills and one of the big mysteries that runs throughout the winter season is their purpose for being there. We’re excited to tell this new story, and I hope the fans like it because we’re excited about it.

ETonline: Will there be a time jump?
Davis: Only a few weeks. I will also say that the first episodes are a two-parter that act as one story. Then, the next two episodes revolve around Halloween and the night before Halloween: Hell Night, which is sometimes called Mischief Night — all I will say is, be afraid, be very afraid.

Teen Wolf returns January 6, 2014 to MTV.

Source: ETOnline

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  1. Allison with anyone besides Scott? No. Just no. And the same for Scott. These two feel just almost star crossed, and it is just off kilter for either of them to be with anyone else. It’s like having Romeo Or Juliet fall for someone else. At least say this separation is temporary!

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