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Message From Jeff Davis

The official Teen Wolf tumblr posted the following message from Jeff Davis concerning the early release of Episode 3.12 on itunes yesterday. Please take his words to heart. Even if you have already seen the episode, be sure to tune in live on Monday so that we can make this the most watched episode in Teen Wolf history!

hey teen wolf fans,

so a lot of you have probably noticed the finale leaked on itunes. my producers and i saw it and downloaded it ourselves in the middle of the night. we had a few nervous breakdowns, tore some of our hair out, furiously wrung our hands and screamed out loud “how did this happen?!”

regardless, we’re making a plea to you, all the great fans who have supported us from the first season, to not ruin the surprise for others who haven’t yet seen it and to still watch live if you can. as much as we love to think of ourselves as artists just here to entertain, this is all still a business and those ratings are what keep us making the best tv we can for incredible fans like you.

i was walking around set yesterday and saw over two hundred people working two different units, shooting actors on various sets. there were people laughing, enjoying themselves, but also knowing they would be working late into the night to get as many great shots and performances as they could. i love this cast and crew like family and would love to be able to come back to them on tuesday morning and say “your hard work has paid off guys. we did our best ratings yet.”

as always, we owe everything to you, the fans!

thanks for the support. the cast will be live tweeting monday night to share in the surprises with you.



Source: Tumblr


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