Wolf’s Bane Convention

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As we previously reported, Tyler and several of his ‘Teen Wolf’ co-stars will be attending Wolf’s Bane Convention in London over the weekend, August 30- September 1. We will post news and pictures from the convention as we get them. If you are attending and would like to send us your pictures or experiences, you can email us at thoechlinnet@gmail.com

More information on the convention can be found here

Teen Wolf Cast Choose Character Superlatives at Comic Con

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Where to Find Us on Social Media

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TV Fanatic Chats With Tyler

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Although Tyler states that he ‘can’t say’ whether he’ll be back for Season 3b, Jeff Davis did tell us that we would be seeing Derek, so don’t worry fans!

TV Fanatic: Despite everything she did, do you think Derek is still going to have feelings for Jennifer? Can he just turn those off? 
Tyler Hoechlin: Yeah, I think with any relationship like that it’s always hard to just shut those feelings off. I mean it’s a grand circumstance that he is under. The relationship has kind of taken a drastic turn so I definitely don’t know that there is going to be any lingering feelings. I think if anything, it’s going to be those feelings that you regret and just kind of really be upset with himself.

TVF: What is Peter and Derek’s relationship at the end of the season? 
TH: I’m not sure that Derek has ever fully trusted him. I think it’s a relationship based on dependency. I think Derek feels he needs Peter for guidance at certain times. I feel like everything that Peter kind of throws at him is always taken with a grain of salt. So, I think that at the end of this season, obviously Derek is very unaware of that whole situation. So, I think it’s not a completely busted relationship yet, but I don’t think it’s a solid one built on a strong foundation of trust.

TVF: In the end of the episode, Derek and Scott are a very united front when they let Deucalion go. Should we trust that they are on the same page and they get each other’s roles now? 
TH: I am not necessarily sure. Obviously we don’t know what’s coming up but I would say that I’m not sure they are going to be exactly on the same page. I do think that Derek is going to take Scott’s own power and authority much more seriously. I think that respect level has reached a completely new height, and at this point, there’s really not that separation of, you know, being superior to, it’s really a mutual admiration respect for what each other’s strengths are.

TVF: In Scott’s voice-over at the end of the episode, he says that Derek leaves, but is it safe to say you’ll be back in Season 3B?
TH: I cannot say that.

TVF: What was the hardest challenge for you in filming Season 3A, whether it was physically or emotionally?
TH: I think finding that vulnerable side of Derek. It was nice to see that side of him, but definitely, it was a challenge in the fact that it was finding new ways to present this character without compromising the integrity of who he was to begin with while being honest of who he is becoming and the things that he was going through. So, I think that, to me, was a really fun and interesting thing to do [to take] a character that you have been playing for two years and completely add a new side that people have never seen. That was really fun, and a challenge in ways as an actor. It is always fun to play with.

Read more tv spoilers at: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2013/08/tyler-hoechlin-talks-return-of-teen-wolf-mutual-admiration-betwe/#ixzz2ckXavsUl

Derek Scoop From E!Online

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Here are a couple of Derek-centric excerpts from Jeff Davis’ interview with E!

Big Bad Plans: … fans can still expect to see Peter and Derek spend a lot of time together.

“We’ve always called him an Iago to Derek’s Othello, so he’s certainly a manipulator,” he explains. “You’re going to find him with Derek quite often. Those two together are quite good. They’re almost like a buddy cop movie waiting to happen.”

A Wolf on a Mission: Yes Derek fans, that means you can expect to see the well-muscled werewolf return. You didn’t really think he was leaving the show for good, did you? Oh, you did? That’s so sweet. We remember our first TV show, too! “Derek has a very specific mission and he will return. As for when he returns and how, you’ll have to wait and see.” Davis confirms you will “see him on his journey” and not just arriving back in Beacon Hills. (FYI: The premiere picks up “only a few weeks” after the finale.) 

Source: E!Online

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