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Interview with Aced Magazine

Here are a couple of questions asked of Tyler from Aced Magazine’s interview during Comic Con. 

What’s it like wearing wolf make up and seeing yourself in the mirror?

Tyler Hoechlin: It’s the most amazing journey in the world. I’ve said from the beginning that playing a wolf is a really bizarre experience. You look in the mirror and you don’t see your own face—it’s kind of cool. But then you go on set and you growl and snarl and do these crazy things; it’s ridiculous, really. You kind of lose that sense of self and judgment that comes along with it, so you’re not worried about looking like an idiot or about looking dumb. You can’t even recognize yourself in the mirror, but that’s the process.  The makeup is its own monster. They’ve got it down to a science but it still takes two and half hours to put on the makeup.

Derek is having a real bad season so far. Will things improve for him?

Tyler H: I think at this point Derek is at his absolute bottom. Seeing someone he was responsible for literally die in his hands, it’s just such a wake-up call. Erica’s death was its own thing, in that it happened far removed from him, and how it happened or when it happened was never really answered. But with Boyd’s death being so “in his face,” the weight of what he’s responsible for now, it’s really starting to tear him apart and he’s beginning to see what a mess he’s gotten himself into. I’m hoping in the next few episodes, we can find a way to turn it around and have him leave some kind of good impact on someone’s life. The flashback episode answers a lot of questions and provides insights into Eric’s past and why he is the way he is.

Source: Aced

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