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Derek Hale Named To Best Werewolf in Modern TV History List

Hypable made a list of the 5 Best and Worst Werewolves in modern TV history, and Derek Hale made the ‘Best’ list! Of course, our favorite Alpha always makes our Best list. We’re sure Tyler would find it funny to know that Peter Hale made the ‘Worst’ List, considering he and Ian Bohen’s competitiveness.

‘Teen Wolf’ Takeover: The 5 best and worst werewolves in modern TV history

What would Teen Wolf Takeover be without a quick look at the best and worst of the werewolves that have come about in recent pop culture? (And we may have included a few of our Beacon Hills brood, too.)

Since the werewolf genre is a vast and varying one, we thought it would be fun to look at five of the best and worst in modern memory. These ten werewolves represent some of our favorite shows, books, and movies and remind us of just how lucky we are to get a weekly dose of our favorite Beacon Hills wolfpack.


Derek Hale (‘Teen Wolf’)

Derek Hale

It wouldn’t be a list of werewolves without at least one from our absolute FAVORITE brood, and out of all the werewolves that Beacon Hills has to offer, Derek Hale was the stand out specimen. There is no one werewolf on Teen Wolf that demonstrates the ideal wolf man, especially since they are all dealing with one or more emotional insufficiencies, but Derek has the best grasp on the entire world of being a werewolf, and is realistic about what it means for his life. He cares about his pack and his family, and tries to do what is right for the most people. He may not get everything right, but if he stays on his current path, we can certainly see him becoming one of the best werewolves in popular culture.


Source: Hypable 

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