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SugarScape Chats With Tyler

SugarScape got to visit the ‘Teen Wolf’ set and spent some time asking Tyler a few questions:

Hey there Tyler H. So, Season 2 of Teen Wolf is OUT NOW in the UK – what’s your favourite memories of shooting the second series?

As far as the character goes, just to have the fun side of Derek finally come out was an interesting thing to play – because in Season 1 we comment on how he never smiles and he’s always upset about everything. Season 2 fans got to see the lighter side of Derek come out a little – a bit of that swagger, that confidence that was kinda starting to brew with him, that was fun to play.

Are we going to learn anymore about Derek’s past in Season 3? 

We learn a lot about Derek’s past in Season 3 actually – a lot of the mysteries that have been surrounding him from the beginning of the show get revealed and some other secrets too, some other things with our mythology on the show also are kind of made clear. There’s also more twists and more action than any of the previous seasons for sure.

We’re here on the set in LA – what do you get up to between takes?

Usually take a trip to craft services to get popcorn which is my kryptonite. We put a popcorn machine on set this year which was a terrible idea, cos I ate it all the time. Either that or a bunch of the guys will throw around a baseball or a football and play catch – just kinda keep it casual. Then there’s certain scenes that obviously demand more attention and focus, so you kinda cut and then go and sit by yourself until after you’ve finished the scene –  then you can go back to having a good time. It’s a very light set; we’re all really good friends actually which makes it really nice.

What’s the hardest thing about acting like a wolf?

The growl which is why I don’t do it, I let them take care of that in post-production and add it in. I just open the mouth as wide and ferociously as I can I guess, and then I let them make it sound like it sounds – good,  because mine would be terrible!

Do any others growl or do they do a sort of silent scream like you?

Posey actually gets more of a grunt out than I do, mine’s just like a raspy whisper.

Who would win in a wolfy fight between the TW lot and the Twilight werewolves?

[laughs] Tyler Posey came up with the best answer for this, and I will back it – the teen wolf werewolves would win because we have opposable thumbs. Ever since I heard that one I was like I’m stealing that answer and using it. It’s the only way I could justify it.

So you’d use opposable thumbs to beat Taylor Lautner?

When push comes to shove I think we might, I don’t know. They’re pretty vicious looking.

And now the most important question of all – how do you get a girl’s attention?

Oh I’m so bad at it. I usually would just go with the typical ‘Hi’ – I’ve never been able to do the pickup lines, I’m usually like too shy, so yeah, that’s pretty much it. Meeting girls you’re either friends with or friends of a group that’s the easiest way. I could never do the whole pick up thing. Unless I have a script in front of me and I know the other character has to say yes it’s a disaster.

Erm, we’d just like to point out that there’s no way we would say no. Y’know if you were ever thinking of asking…. but thanks Tyler, lovely to talk to you!

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