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Jeff Davis Answers More Tumblr Questions

‘Teen Wolf’ mastermind, Jeff Davis, took to the official Teen Wolf tumblr again today to answer fan questions. Here is what he had to say about Derek/Tyler:

Not a question, a request, please stop waxing Hoechlin’s chest, it makes the angels cry 🙁 @thegreatkhaleesi

I can honestly say I have never waxed Hoechlin’s chest. I have shaved Posey’s nipples, though.

How you would you describe Derek and Peter’s relationship this season? @youralphaness

Is Peter the only living relative Derek has left, or are there more? Will we see them in this season? @sourcubs

Oh my…

Will Lydia and Derek have scenes this season? @sourwolf–whittemore

They’re seen together tomorrow night.

After watching the premiere, why hasn’t Scott been helping Derek in finding Erica and Boyd during the summer? @qhuinn

He didn’t know.

Are Deucalion and Derek linked in some ways? Or maybe Deucalion and the argent family? @alecoppi

In dark and mysterious ways.

Hey Jeff can you tells us anything on Derek and Allison??? Also thanks for taking the time to answer fans questions @youarethereflectionofme

Big scenes with them tomorrow night. A lot having to do with Allison’s mother.

Jeff, I adore the Isaac/Derek relationship we saw in the last episode, Derek is finally becoming the caring protective alpha we want him to be for his betas. Will we see more protective Derek when it comes to Isaac this season? @sonuvapantsuit

Things might get a little rocky between them. But mostly because of Derek trying to be protective.

This will never be answered but it’s worth a shot. Is Erica back just to kill her off? @hardticket

Nope. And Erica will show up in more than tomorrow night’s episode. She is, in fact, extremely important to Boyd and Derek’s character growth.

Hey Jeff! Any big sterek scenes coming up soon? 😉 @dclover1

Stiles and Derek have some great scenes together in tomorrow’s episode.

is the teacher most likely to get caught up in all the supernatural activity? if she ends up being with Derek? Is she maybe like the Vet and the guidance counsellor? @aqsanaveed

Part of this question is answered in the third episode.

Check out the Official Teen Wolf Tumblr for all of the questions Jeff answered today.


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