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Tyler Shows Off His Good Side In London

We at Tyler Heochlin Online always appreciate hearing how great Tyler is when interacting with fans, and the gushing over how sweet and polite and friendly he is came pouring in after his MCM London Comic Con appearance last weekend. Not that we expect Tyler to be anything but gracious, but it’s nice to hear good things from people, especially those who aren’t fans.

The following is a post found on tumblr (posted here with permission) that we wanted to share with everyone. It showcases one of the many reasons why we have this site and why we do what we can to promote Tyler and his career.

The Manners of Tyler Hoechlin and the Teen Wolf Fandom.

I wish to preface this with the fact that I have never seen an episode of Teen Wolf, nor do I intend to, though I have nothing against anyone with any degree of involvement with the series.

This weekend I had a short volunteer placement at MCM, London comic-con. This involved mostly crowd control, on Saturday I dealt with the queues for the photos and autographs. At the time of my shift, I was dealing largely with the Teen Wolf fans, and I must say that although a few of them were a little testy, for the most part they were courteous and understanding where I had to let them know that the cast were delayed and I had to reshuffle the queue. Certainly more so than I would have expected in my dealing with fans.

On Sunday, I was working an even busier shift. Main Stage. After a hectic shift in the timetable, cast arriving out of the blue and cutting a panel time in short, I was losing it quite quickly. I had been made to work beyond by allocated shift and at odds with my manager who was contradicting the orders I received from other staff. And then a most curious thing happened.

Controlling the entrance, I saw and interacted with a lot of people. In the middle of it all, three or four people walked past me, all with VIP badges. I now know they were part of the Teen Wolf cast. I also know that one of them was Tyler Hoechlin, through recognition by hindsight. If you’ve ever worked as a volunteer steward, you’ll know that the thanks you receive is close to none. You don’t go in expecting to be thanked, else you’re going to have a shit time. However, Mr. Hoechlin made deliberate eye contact with me, and after seeing my steward badge nodded with admittedly a very charming smile and said his single word of thanks. Not knowing who he was, save for a VIP, I already felt very content to be simply noticed.

I must stress that given Mr. Hoechlin’s timetable for the day, which was incredibly stressful as I had accompanied many people to the signing booth where there were endless queues, giving a simple word of thanks is by no means something on the mind. However he gave me two seconds of his time to let me know that I was appreciated, and for that all my respect to him. An innumerable amount of people glanced over me, and weren’t exactly polite, however a celebrity, by all means, extended his manners to me and that touched my heart.

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