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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3- Spoilers!

Le Noir Auteur was able to early screen the first two episodes of Season 3 of ‘Teen Wolf’ and here are 6 things they have to say: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!

Seriously…. MAJOR SPOILERS! Don’t read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled!


We’re so close! June 3rd is around the corner and the long wait is almost over. This has literally felt like the longest wait for a tv show ever and we’ve still got a few more days to go. Since I screened the episodes last week I’ve been dying to talk about them, so how about I regale you with some things I learned from the first two episodes? Dig in!


1. The darker tone Jeff kept referring to wasn’t just jest. In addition to the two animal attacks, one of which we’ve already seen, we get some brutal fights with members of the alpha pack and some old characters, and 3 people are either dead or presumed dead by the end of the 2nd episode. Additionally, someone once thought dead will be very much alive.

2. You will quickly fall in love with Kali. Everyone in the alpha pack gets a fantastic entrance (twins stripping in slow motion anyone?) but of all of the alpha pack, Felicia Terrell as the villainous Kali quickly stands out as someone whom everyone will love/love to hate. She’s so bad ass and the way she fights is really unique.

3. Derek still has a lot to learn. We know that Derek will be turning into more of a hero but he begins the season making the same quick judgements as he did in the past. This leads to a particularly frightening fight in a bank vault and a super emotional moment which I did not see coming. (The 2nd episode is so damn good!)

4. The “supporting” characters will be getting more shine. There are a billion characters on the show but the writers have managed to keep the focus on the core. Holland Roden all but steals every scene she’s in, Daniel Sharman gets some great acting scenes that center around a lot of pain and Ian Bohen is just as sassy as he was last season. It’s especially exciting to see Roden finally getting a meaty storyline after often just being a piece to move the plot.

5. Be sure to re-read this interview with E! Online and refresh your horror movie queue in Netflix. Other than this being a obvious reference to the characters trying to study for the PSATs, words have an incredibly importance this season and those teases Jeff gave are pretty spot on. (FYI hecatolite means moonstone) Also, you should brush up on your classic horror as there are homages to The Birds, An American Werewolf in London, The Ring, Salo: 120 Days in Sodom…ok that last one is a bit of a joke but there may be fisting?

6.The shippers are gonna go crazy. There are so many shippable moments in the first two episodes including some Scisaac stuff that’s sure to drive a wedge between Isaac and Derek, a glimpse of the twins with Lydia and Danny, and a Sterek scene that gets kind of physical. (Yes I know I’m trolling *kanye shrug*)



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