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New Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers From London Con Panel

Below is a transcription of the panel Q&A.

Question: If you could change the storyline for one character, who would it be and why?

Tyler Hoechlin: You guys like it how it is though right?

How do you feel about the rabid fangirls following the series?

Hoechlin: It’s flattering, you guys are what make the show work. We’re flattered and want to keep making the show for you guys as long as you want to keep watching it.

Will we be seeing more of Sterek in season 3?

Hoechlin: What’s Sterek? [loud screams from crowd] Derek and Styles still hang out yeah.

If you could be any other character in the show, who would that be and why?

Hoechlin: I would say Styles, as he makes me laugh…

What are the hardest scenes to shoot?

Hoechlin: I would say anything that involves water. When you see a scene where people get soaking wet for like two seconds – remember that lasted like eight hours.

Do you actually want Sterek to happen?

Hoechlin: I like Derek and Styles where they’re at, it’s a good love/hate thing.

How do your characters develop in season three and how do you feel about it.

Hoechlin: In the first season Derek was pretty focused on revenge, then in season two he thought he was really cool for some reason, being the alpha. Season three is a little humility for Derek – season two didn’t wind up too well for him, he’s in a lot of trouble. There are a lot of problems that Derek’s going to have to face going into season three, and he may just end up digging his hole deeper and deeper. The relationship with Scott is a little different this season too, it’s much more of a kind of brotherly, mutual admiration type thing, he’s found a respect for Scott so there’s a big difference in that relationship.

What is it like seeing yourselves turn into monsters?

Hoechlin: It’s a bit strange, but I had kind of a funny example this year. I have a friend on set who was going through something of a rough time, and I had the wolf makeup on. You try having a serious conversation with someone with all that on, and you kind of feel ridiculous. You feel like you’re not allowed to give advice.



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