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Season 3 Spoilers

The lucky folks at Zap2it got a sneak peek at the first two episodes of Season 3, and here is what they had to say regarding Derek:

3. Scott is on a self-improvement streak. “I’m going to be better this year. a better student, a better son, better friend, better everything,” he promises. And he’s on a roll — he’s reading books, working out, studying for the PSATs, and saving up for a motorcycle. There’s just one problem. In the four months since the finale, Derek hasn’t told Scott about the Alpha pack, determined to let Scott be a normal teenager. If he does realize what’s going on, he may be distracted from his book list.

4. Derek doesn’t live in his old ramshackle house anymore, because the county took it. But before he leaves it behind, he shares a meaningful scene with Scott and Stiles there. It’s a powerful moment that reveals a lot about Scott’s mindset right now…. and about what Derek endured to get the spiral tattoo on his back.

5. A very significant new character comes into play in the first minute of the premiere episode. She knows something important about Scott — and by the end of the first episode, she’ll be instrumental in revealing (to the audience) the Alpha pack’s goal, and how it connects to Scott and Derek.

7. When the season starts, Erica and Boyd have been missing for months, but Derek, Peter, and Isaac haven’t given up looking for them. The search nearly kills Isaac — and when he’s rescued, things don’t exactly improve for him. We’ll see Isaac go through some pretty horrific things in order to find the missing members of his pack. Not the least of which involves Peter’s fingernail-claws in his brain.

8. There’s plenty of Sterek interaction. This summer, we heard that Stiles and Derek don’t share many scenes in the first 12 episodes — but they definitely work together in the first two episodes, with their usual brand of banter and general (affectionate) annoyance with each other. We got a laugh out of it.

Source: Zap2it



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