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Jeff Answers Fan Questions

On February 19th, ‘Teen Wolf’ creator Jeff Davis spent a little time answering fan questions via the official Teen Wolf Tumblr account. There were several questions that related to Derek and/or Tyler.

“My question for Jeff, and I don’t know if this hits spoiler territory or not, is Peter now Derek’s beta? Or is he an omega now? Or something different, something more unique? I just realized I didn’t know the answer to this the other day and it’s driving me a bit crazy! If you can give me an answer I would really appreciate it! Even if it’s to tell me it’s spoiler territory cause at least I’d know I’m going to find out! Thanks!” @wastedonyoursmile

Jeff: He is essentially part of Derek’s pack and now a Beta.

“My question for Jeff is: Is the rumour about Derek’s new love interest real?” @thenairwolves

Jeff: I don’t pay attention to rumors.

“Hi Jeff, there are plot points from seasons 1 and 2 where many characters don’t know what happened, will some be addressed in s3? eg Allison finding out why Derek bit her mother, people finding out what her grandfather did to Stiles, that Kate seduced Derek before killing his family, that Deaton told Derek to trust Scott, while plotting with Scott to use Derek in taking down Grandpa Argent? I’d love to see effects some truthsharing would have!” @erilyn-oz

Jeff: Allison will definitely find out about Derek and her mother.

“Love the show and thank you so much for doing this! You rock! 🙂 Now to my question. We have seen a lot of horrible things happen to Derek, things that anyone would struggle to cope with. I guess what I want to know is, will we actually see him come to terms with things?” @annekatrinn

Jeff: Yes and no. Because many more horrible things are about to happen to him. We call this conflict! And we kinda’ love beating up on him.

“What was Derek and the Hale family like before the fire?” @grumpyderek

Jeff: You will learn in episode 308.

“Which is your favorite setting in Beacon Hills?” @therewillbesterek

Jeff: Derek’s new loft is pretty spectacular.

What did Derek and Laura do in New York? @varcolaci

Jeff: They went to Splash Bar.

“Will we learn from where Derek’s money comes from?” @doucheywolf

Jeff: Insurance.

“Is Tyler Hoechlin going to be Derek in the flashback episode? Or are you going to find a younger actor?” @hoechlins

Jeff: Younger actor. And we’re possibly deciding who that will be this week.

“Derek’s stubble is clearly very well-maintained, which seems odd, considering he’s apparently been living in the burned-out wreck of his old house and then in the rusted-out wreck of an old train depot. So where does he shave? Gas station bathroom? Does he have a plug-in for his car? Secret apartment/motel room somewhere? Is it just natural werewolfy hair secrets?”@heylittlered

Jeff: With a question this deep and well thought out I’m slightly embarrassed to say “I have no idea.” Sorrrrrry.

“Okay, first of all, let me just say.. Bless you, Jeff. Thank you for creating such an awesome show. My question is: Does Sterek bother you? Does it make you chuckle? Or does Dylan or Tyler H. ever look disturbed about it? I’ve always wondered that.. And don’t act like you don’t know what it is! I know that the cast is aware of Sterek. :)” @wumbosalsa

Jeff: Sterek does not bother me at all! I love the artwork, the unbelievable fan enthusiasm over it. How could I not like fans being passionate about two characters?

“What was Derek like before the fire?” @varcolaci

Jeff: He didn’t have as much stubble.

“Derek’s tattoo and the Alpha Pack symbol looks very alike, is there a deeper meaning to it or it’s just a design coincidence?” @karijn-j

Jeff: Definitely a deeper meaning.

Special thanks to Jeff for taking the time to answer these questions. Be sure to check tumblr for the rest of the questions.


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